MedicPyroSoldier  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

Germany Spectat0r

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————Looking for a UGC Silver team——–

Also looking for a High team in ETF2L

Can do both Soldier and Demoman if needed. Pyro is my strongest class though.

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Joined Above average in England [6on6] Spectat0r
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Left Cryptic eSports [6on6] Spectat0r
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  1. Phil said:

    definetely not high, but you can trial him in mid.


  2. MoreBuckets! said:

    For what have i seen i played few scrims at him he’s definitly not high, got a lot of confidence in himself , i don’t say he’s bad , i just say he’s not high but he’ll do good in a mid team.

    Spec, if u are about to say i’m not the greatest player ever you are right.

    Go give him some trials

  3. Vetle: OwC - WASP said:

    after playing against some mid teams in scrims with him I would say he should stick to mid

  4. Spectat0r: V.I - D0. said:

    Haters gonna love ^^