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next etf2l season. Know how to heal players and position myself, actually have decent arrow aim when warmed up.
Would really like an established team with players already knowing how to play.

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  1. MoreBuckets! said:

    Careless about the game

  2. BaaBo: TBA - KP said:

    I cared more about 2 teams that you “lead” then you did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. MoreBuckets! said:

    how the fuck i was careless about the etf2l team? i wasted day and night taking care of it , in the ugc you were right but not in etf2l, well let’s end the spam in the comments, if you wanna discuss about it add me again … anyways, Was ok spy , never saw him on medic but he has a big brian, he is definitly not that dedicated as he was in my team but who knows what he feels now.

  4. ducky: Wow, swag said:

    very sweet gamer, very kind and helpful, pick him up asap

  5. BaaBo: TBA - KP said:

    thanks, i really appreciate that you commented something good in here.

  6. MoreBuckets! said:

    Your welcome i guess.

  7. puistokemisti: █▄ █▄█ █▄ said:

    takes cigarette breaks between every map -.- but nice and fun player

  8. recorder_rekter69: ..d1ck - said:

    happy thoughts

  9. mak said:

    smokes like a chimney, games like e sports brofessional. quality snapchat. get him

  10. Teroantero said:

    awesome lad, pick him up!

  11. supra: Kunta - said:

    very friendly and calm guy
    i had a pleasure to play with him and I had a lot of fun to his maptalks

    don’t care about morebuckets’ shit comments please

  12. BaaBo: TBA - KP said:


  13. Teroantero said:

    Just a bump bro

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