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Turkey yaken

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hello, my name is iontes ive got a decent amount of experience and dm. I would like to find a team for season 30 6s.

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Action Team By Date
Left Evolutionmen :----DDD [6on6] yaken
Joined Evolutionmen :----DDD [6on6] IPA
Left Reality Check [6on6] yaken
Joined Reality Check [6on6] RRR
Left The Fire Nation [6on6] Uncle Iroh
Joined The Fire Nation [6on6] Uncle Iroh
Left Curvy Boyz [6on6] yaken
Joined Curvy Boyz [6on6] yaken
Left My Little Dildo [Fun Team] yaken
Left U.B. [6on6] HopelessFerret
Joined My Little Dildo [Fun Team] zey
Joined U.B. [6on6] HopelessFerret
Left Nirvana eSports [6on6] yaken
Joined Nirvana eSports [6on6] E H E
Left Nirvana eSports [6on6] sergun
Joined Nirvana eSports [6on6] Unkle
Left FOЯZA [6on6] yaken
Joined FOЯZA [6on6] qandırdım xd
Left Nirvana eSports [6on6] yaken
Joined Nirvana eSports [6on6] Unkle
Left Pathetic Pubber Virgins [6on6] yaken
Joined Pathetic Pubber Virgins [6on6] heli
Left U.B. [6on6] Kiwi
Joined U.B. [6on6] emskii
Left NO GIRLS CLUB [6on6] Volt
Joined NO GIRLS CLUB [6on6] Volt
Left Hexaquarks [6on6] FreezeLight
Joined Hexaquarks [6on6] FreezeLight
Left Verbal Doozies [6on6] yaken
Joined Verbal Doozies [6on6] Klsz
Left ElectroMagnetic Pulse [6on6] yaken
Joined ElectroMagnetic Pulse [6on6] Cozen
Left Sunshine Observers [6on6] yaken
Joined Sunshine Observers [6on6] yaken
Left Xogos' masterpiece [Highlander] Xogos
Joined Xogos' masterpiece [Highlander] Xogos
Left hl takimi [Highlander] yaken
Joined hl takimi [Highlander] Bora126
Left BackToJob [Highlander] yaken
Joined BackToJob [Highlander] yaken

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  1. telephone fan: - said:

    okay dm

  2. yaken said:

    lol? :D

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    fuk me pls

  4. Klsz: ☪️ said:

    gud boi

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    bump xd

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