Scout  High Skill, 6on6

Austria rabid

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flank scout, maybe sub
idk if i even have time to play next season lol

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  1. mak: #BIGBOYS - SENS said:

    if he has time to commit, get the fuck out of him. else he’s an easy sub pick-up. get he.

  2. Raelyn: #BIGBOYS said:

    Mad dm, chill as all hell. Great pickup if he has the time.

  3. Jordy: la bamba - SENS said:

    fucking amazing human and the best flank partner i’ve ever had i love him

  4. ekta koling: OoO said:

    friss nd so viel oder du stirbst als jungfrau
    really good if he doesnt go for retarded plays, chill comms

  5. NURWHAL: ︻芫═一 - pizza said:


  6. yaynos: ..d1ck said:


  7. R3ny said:

    austria = good

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