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Finland Morni

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s30 perhaps

I'd prefer to roam but I can try pocket if you can micromanage me I guess.
Probably not playing fridays-saturdays.

I can try demo if you're really desperate.

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  1. jorski said:

    Best team player

  2. Menty: (League Admin) - (´・ω・`) said:

  3. Jordy: theorist said:

    the BEST

  4. Mason: (ETF2L Donator) - JOEYO said:

    god tier puns

  5. Kraken: is dtf - EF2L said:


  6. karppi said:

    actually can play this game pretty well

  7. Morni: theorist - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    bump btw

  8. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    beautiful gammer

  9. neon: Gaston - BauS said:


  10. MoBa: ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    Best jokes