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Russia zgd

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Див не важен, готовьтесь к 10 часам за две недели, вторая попытка диплома е рок

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined otoINSTINCT Clan [Highlander] Nati0nal
Left BAD DRAGONS [Highlander] zgd
Joined BAD DRAGONS [Highlander] Citrus
Left Division Zero [Highlander] zgd
Joined Division Zero [Highlander] Spectat0r
Left Keepo [Highlander] Silvermaster
Joined LearningEnglishWithPatonki [6on6] Menkab
Left Odin progib i ty pogib [6on6] zgd
Joined Keepo [Highlander] Silvermaster
Left kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] zgd
Joined Odin progib i ty pogib [6on6] Vortex_Current
Left Stop rqing [6on6] Nelsoon
Joined Stop rqing [6on6] Nelsoon
Left [6on6] zgd
Joined [6on6] st1ff
Left DejaVu [6on6] zgd
Joined kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] zgd
Joined DejaVu [6on6] Axe
Left Last To Spec [6on6] zgd
Joined Last To Spec [6on6] tea
Left мы мид дибил [6on6] Pahan
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Autism eSports [Highlander] zgd
Joined Autism eSports [Highlander] firing.squad
Joined мы мид дибил [6on6] Pahan
Left Mellivora capensis [Highlander] zgd
Left stones reborn [6on6] Zinson
Joined Double ponos [2on2] zgd
Joined ponos gaming [1on1] zgd
Joined stones reborn [6on6] Zinson
Left Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] [email protected] [74 RUS]
Joined Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] stilter
Left Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] m1kle
Joined Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] Aspiring
Left Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] m1kle
Joined Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] stilter
Left Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] stilter
Joined Brooklyn Zoo [6on6] stilter
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] zgd
Joined Mellivora capensis [Highlander] Dvornik
Left Latent Energy [Highlander] zgd
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Left Hell Awaits [6on6] zgd
Joined Latent Energy [Highlander] Arty
Left SBW [Highlander] zgd
Joined SBW [Highlander] radax
Left Suspense [Highlander] zgd
Joined Hell Awaits [6on6] moonless
Left N/A [6on6] zgd
Joined Suspense [Highlander] TOSS
Joined N/A [6on6] RAMA

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