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Yeah got an update my team won't continue to UGC, so i'm LFT , wanna try and play pyro for the first time, i have 6-7 seasons ish on my belt (both etf2l and ugc) and some playoff expirience (mostly open playoffs really) , i would like to get in a team that wills to win i won't contiue to etf2l because i have my own team there , and i would like the team to make it to silver playoffs.
Established teams are preffarable but if the project looks promising enough ill join,
if you don't have pyro i can go scout but my dm is not the best as a scout and i preety much lost my brain on it as i played all my seasons in this class

I can also help you with co leading if you need because most of my seasons(including this etf2l season) i've played was as a leader so i have expirience and know what it's like and i can help if needed

I am keen asf and would appriciate to play 2-3/4 times a week.

Update also looking for a fun 6's team too that plays 1-2 times a week

Prioritization: HL>6's

Would be more happy to join if you have a spot for my friend Strix

hmu for trials

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  1. Aleskee: o5. - Ja said:

    top teams only for this top player

  2. Polarium said:

    nice guy but really needs to work on his mouse usage

  3. regen said:

    i can confirm he ups his mouse usage when he isn’t holding a basketball in his hands

  4. MoreBuckets! said:

    ^ Hahaha! xD

  5. MoreBuckets! said:


  6. MoreBuckets! said:


  7. BaaBo: TBA said:

    Not trying in lobbies is fun: well u can share the chat to
    Not trying in lobbies is fun: idc
    Not trying in lobbies is fun: just say bad or keen asf or both
    Not trying in lobbies is fun: lol

    actually a nice guy, really social and talks a lot. Talks A LOT. Does what his told to do, but nothing more. He needs to work on his dm a bit and gain a bit more gamesense and he will be great after that, help a man at need and pick him up!

  8. MoreBuckets! said:

    ((TALKS A LOT))) seriously pay attention to this becasue it’s true ecksdee

  9. supra: said:

    fast learner

  10. ~Solar: D-War said:

    Wants the team to do well, wants to improve on tactics and strategy, is willing to do map talks and demo reviews =)

  11. Iva!lo: NgNl said:

    Message me on my steam profile if interested in playing TFCL

  12. MoreBuckets! said:

    Hey!, just so you know i just bumped the fuck out of this post!
    i’m still lft ugc, got few 6’s trials now

  13. MoreBuckets! said:

    Pick,Pick,Pick (me)

  14. MoreBuckets! said:

    3 bumps on one day…sheesh, well trialed on one 6’s team, gonna wait for more open 6’s offers,
    I prioritise HL as in no super tryhard teams please!


  15. Miko said:

    knows how to press W in 6s