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hey im scout :D, im looking for a highlander team, i have a good mic and i speak good english. i think i can play anything, i've done pretty well on tf2center so far, i have 700 hours in the game overall, here are my class hours =
scout = 130
soldier = 80
pyro = 70
demo = 50
heavy = 250
engineer = 50
medic = 30-ish
spy = 40
i have played for an american highlander team as every class sub and i also played for an american 4v4 team, (i played in america because i couldn't play in europe due to my job), i am also playing allclass sub in a silver ugc highlander team
here are my best logs for each class =
scout =
soldier =
pyro =
demo = (american, high ping)
demo = (european, good ping)
heavy = (american, high ping)
heavy = (european, good ping)
engineer =
medic = dont really play medic
sniper =
spy =
add me if you need a player =

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Left No Littering [Fun Team] quintosh
Left No Littering [6on6] Snowyboye
Joined No Littering [6on6] Snowyboye
Joined No Littering [Fun Team] Snowyboye
Left No Littering [Fun Team] Sassy
Left Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] Sassy
Left Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] Sassy
Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Left Burger Kings ft Albert [Highlander] Sassy
Joined No Littering [Fun Team] toco
Joined Whales EAT Platinum Dude!! [6on6] pander
Joined Burger Kings ft Albert [Highlander] Jazz
Left EF2L KANKER [Highlander] Sassy
Joined EF2L KANKER [Highlander] samii

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  1. ketchup: ~flow~ - BK said:


  2. messy: woke - EF2L said:

    wow epic gamer

  3. Sassy said:

    still looking

  4. saltyy: Swank said:

    Hey, we need about every class exept sniper and medic for our TyrantsEsports team, i’m interested so if you’d like to talk further.

  5. Sassy said:

    still looking for a team

  6. Sanji: C4Cunt said:

    Added for team invitation

  7. Sanji: C4Cunt said:

    Added for team invitation, add me if you are interested