Medic  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

Kosovo ult1mate

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please dont judge my gameplay from pugs im very anxious and really bad with people i dont know so give me a try in real games who i will eventually know
if i clicked mouse2 as much as i crossbow id be the very best
i promise to be keen and I Am No Longer Emo

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left black tar heroin [6on6] Manky
Joined black tar heroin [6on6] BitchCallMeCaptainMorgan
Left anal therapists [6on6] ult1mate
Joined anal therapists [6on6] catbowcar
Left Peril Ponies [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Peril Ponies [6on6] kola
Left The Empire [6on6] ult1mate
Joined The Empire [6on6] NURWHAL
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Jepz
Left Colchester 6-a-side Football Club [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Colchester 6-a-side Football Club [6on6] Celreo
Left Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] ult1mate
Left The Playa Haters [Fun Team] ult1mate
Joined The Playa Haters [Fun Team] Louis
Left i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ult1mate
Left Projectile Dysfunction [2on2] zeFrosty
Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Joined Projectile Dysfunction [2on2] zeFrosty
Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi
Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] The Perrywinkle
Joined the shpee's are we [Highlander] MATTYAZN
Left goonsquad [6on6] ult1mate
Joined goonsquad [6on6] croix
Left impakt [6on6] ult1mate
Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Left BLEED BLUE [6on6] ult1mate
Joined BLEED BLUE [6on6] lgl
Left [6on6] ult1mate
Joined [6on6] Emancipator
Left impakt [6on6] ult1mate
Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Left MILK BROTHERS [2on2] ult1mate
Left here come dat boi [Fun Team] ult1mate
Left Planet Expresso [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left impakt [6on6] ult1mate
Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Joined here come dat boi [Fun Team] celvn
Left TM87 [6on6] ult1mate
Joined TM87 [6on6] jmk
Left Deox fan club [6on6] ult1mate
Left Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] kilpkonn
Joined Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] laceyk1ng
Left Random Twitch Emote [Highlander] ult1mate
Joined Random Twitch Emote [Highlander] Scruff
Joined MILK BROTHERS [2on2] celvn
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left impakt [6on6] ult1mate
Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Left Spiral eSports [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Spiral eSports [6on6] Alakamind
Left Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Joined Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Left Electrostatically Discharged [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Electrostatically Discharged [6on6] ult1mate
Left The Baleful Pizza Delivery [Highlander] ult1mate
Left The Fast Learners [6on6] ult1mate
Joined The Baleful Pizza Delivery [Highlander] Px
Joined The Fast Learners [6on6] ult1mate

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  1. YeeHaw: theorist - UP said:


  2. Hugo: Scousers said:

    big winky

  3. hamaham: hjalte said:

    as long as he doesnt go emo he should be epic, defo a person to keep your eyes on for the upcoming season

  4. Tercio: T - inv said:

    not bad

  5. Dandere: moi - SS D5 said:

    +1 sweetie and super enthusiastic

  6. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    Boi (boy)

  7. Derpy Hooves: REMOVE - 1500 said:

    Appreciates a good half naked gym wrestle

  8. yaynos: Cat said:

    on the way to becoming an alpha medic

  9. wand00m said:


  10. kola: TSM - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:


  11. ult1mate said:

    add me

  12. Jordy: theorist said:

    super nice and nutty mechanics

  13. ult1mate said:


  14. h0rizoNN: .ƒlow - noob said:

    best med ever, danny god

  15. ult1mate said:


  16. shampain: gandhi is said:

    is actually a good medic, just needs the right team to improve further :)

  17. BitchCallMeCaptainMorgan: NASA - VLHL said:


  18. puistokemisti: /// - 1500 said:

    Very nice medic

  19. catbowcar said:

    crazy good

  20. MATTYAZN said:

    really cool guy pick up

  21. Gazy: Scousers said:

  22. ult1mate said:


  23. ult1mate said:


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