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Denmark Blanc

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Looking for a mid team for season 30. Decent scout with average dm and able to take criticism and willing to improve, also pretty keen since i can play everyday at any time.

Flank > Beam

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  1. Divine: verb - woah said:

    He quits, 2 days later he comes back. Nonetheless an insane scout and absolutely worthy of a good mid team

  2. auto: woah said:

    he can frag

  3. Cyanic: woah said:

    insane scout, nice brain and can hit his shots. good pickup for mid definitely.

  4. Bycoon: verb - woah said:

    dont make him angry…

  5. Blanc: woah said:


  6. Skip: woah said:

    god himself

  7. Blanc: woah said:


  8. Lokko: verb - woah said:

    Really talented player on both soldier and scout, learns very quickly and is surprisingly good at taking criticism. Has a little bit of a personality problem but thats improving everyday, if hes bm’d you in the past don’t let that stop you from trialing him he bm’s everyone its just a defense mechanism or something, once you get to know him hes a really nice guy!

    will always be a lille lort though

  9. Blanc: woah said:


  10. Skip: woah said:

    pick him up for free mid win