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Ireland gatsan

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Plan to go mid s30 preferrably as pocket, roamer if the team suits, main only

I'm mainly going mid 'cause s30 will be my last season for a while most likely, and I want to be actively challenged for a season with some different players who I can hopefully learn from

Tryhard team with the goal of improving is the ideal team for me, so placement in mid is not a big focus

i can do like 7 nights a week or some shit lol atm i still have a fair bit of free time but ideally scrimming as much as possible is fine

EDIT: i can maincall, go over stv demos and shit like that, good knowledge of the game in general
i have a shit rep from some apes, all i can say is just add me and play with me for a scrim or two and actually get to know me, a lot of people still assume im some garbage thrower from pugs and thats 0% my personality or my way of approaching tf2

I will also accept top low for pocket scout, top high for engi, can help you with your maths homework too

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  1. MR.KEL said:

    pasta take him

  2. Josh said:

    allah tbh

  3. Kamogawa: Seery_ said:


  4. Kamogawa: Seery_ said:

    jk, is a good guy, loves black people and islamic people and he is good and willing to improve, only lacks a bit of DM but has big brain

  5. key: HK said:

    cool guy

  6. gatsan: CP said:

    hello bump!

  7. Pepis: bjT said:

    With decent mid team to help him grow, he will probably become better than me during the season.

    Worth a trial anyway.

  8. Sen: -BE- said:

    ✋✋✋✋✋hol’ up hol’ up ✋✋ looks 👀 like we got a MID TIER 🎓 player 🐸🐸🐸 over here 👈👈👈👩👩 hold on to your 👙panties👙ladies!💋💁open nonames better back the hell ⬆️up⬆️ this absolute 🙀🙀🙀 maaaaaadman!!1! 👹 all you other aspiring 🌽🌽 low players👽👻💀 mmmight as wwwell give up! 👎👎👎👎cuse 👉this guy👈is as good 👌👌👌as it gets! 👏👏👏😹😹

  9. dogsdiner: yunk% - PitO. said:

    will carry

  10. MATTYAZN said:

    big up

  11. R3ny: yunk% said:

    the second i read that he does homework i actually wanted to play with him PICK THIS GUY UP!

  12. Temp: yunk% - KKK said:

    can play mid

  13. R3ny: yunk% said:

    makes glorious dmixes as well give him a chance to trial!

  14. maaaahmoud: gaeta said:

    Big gatsan

  15. Marshy: yell @ dog said:

    Pretty good player. Fairly vocal and understands the game well. Try him out.

  16. catbowcar said:

    hes mid

  17. tmg_ said:

    Insnane player tbh

  18. gatsan: CP said:


  19. cegr: LN6 said:

    Good and dedicated player. Also dmix god!

  20. gatsan: CP said:

    HELLO im still looking free me from gorr and his no scrim team

  21. messy: woke - EF2L said:

    really cool guy he deserves a good team xo

  22. maaaahmoud: gaeta said:

    pasta master

  23. R3ny: yunk% said:

    i need an invite to the faceit mixes pls