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keen pocket scout gamer looking for a team for season 30
can play soldier in low if the team is keen enough
low = playoffs only or mid
willing to do demo reviews and map talks
add me if interested

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Action Team By Date
Left clairo fanclub [6on6] Ties
Joined clairo fanclub [6on6] pwanda
Left lamB gyros [6on6] Ties
Joined lamB gyros [6on6] Nikolomara
Left Dʀongos [6on6] Ties
Joined Dʀongos [6on6] kodeeey
Left brown [Fun Team] Ties
Left FullPasta [6on6] Ties
Joined FullPasta [6on6] the winged dragon of ra
Left FullPasta [6on6] yaynos
Joined FullPasta [6on6] the winged dragon of ra
Joined brown [Fun Team] the winged dragon of ra
Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Left gamers [Highlander] Ties
Left Digital Warfare [6on6] Ascend
Left TROYotech [Fun Team] Ties
Joined gamers [Highlander] Ascend
Joined Digital Warfare [6on6] Ascend
Left FullPasta [6on6] Ties
Joined FullPasta [6on6] pwanda
Left KaoS eSports [6on6] streep36
Joined KaoS eSports [6on6] streep36
Left FullPasta [6on6] Ties
Joined FullPasta [6on6] pwanda
Left classic mixdown [6on6] Ties
Joined classic mixdown [6on6] Huddler
Left Weedmaps eSports [6on6] Ties
Joined 2 fetus children [2on2] Huddler
Joined TROYotech [Fun Team] kodeeey
Left Louis van Gaal's Academy [Fun Team] Ties
Left Weedmaps eSports HL [Highlander] kodeeey
Joined Louis van Gaal's Academy [Fun Team] TimTum
Joined Weedmaps eSports [6on6] Chez
Left coroMatic [6on6] pwanda
Joined coroMatic [6on6] pwanda
Left REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Ties
Joined Weedmaps eSports HL [Highlander] kodeeey
Joined REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Left rEdy [6on6] Ties
Joined rEdy [6on6] Cookie_
Left After Deadline [Highlander] Ties
Joined After Deadline [Highlander] Executer

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  1. pwanda: EDO said:

    very nutty scout and improves fast

  2. Huddler: swag... said:

    epic scout who has great consistency and is extremely keen

  3. Blanc: verb - woah said:

    Super underrated scout. Great dm and good gamesense, you wont regret trialing him.

  4. Wolfy: D-War - Ja said:

    very gud dutch boy who will pound

  5. Eddie: D-War said:

    Pick him up or his dad will beat you up. Also is pretty gud at video games.

  6. ducky: yeet - EDO said:

    such an amazing boye

  7. Ztreak: D-War said:

    Very Much Pound yes He good Scout!!

  8. fontar: ..d1ck said:

    Good gamer

  9. Ascend: D-War - BanJ said:

    very keen very get drunk easily very good his dad works a bakery so he can hit you with his baguettes if you are mean to him (no lie)

  10. kodeeey: Dʀongos - 》MiF《 said:

    get him in a good mid team

  11. Lokko: verb - woah said:

    one of the most underrated players in the lower divs atm, really keen and a really good pick up for mid, with the right team i think ties could go really far!

  12. Cyanic: verb - woah said:

    nice guy

  13. JJS: SHRED - ez4whoa said:

    very competent scout

  14. Skip: verb - woah said:

    7 ties

  15. basic: PORG - PPoPP said:


  16. Ties: EDO said:


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