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Poland mlodzier

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Hi,I'm Looking for a low/mid team for an actual season. I did really well in open this season, just looking for team because I got kicked due to reach the limit of points in my previous team, give me a home and I'll pound well

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Poland [6on6] mlodzier
Left Polska [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Polska [6on6] mlodzier
Left TS13PodWezwaniemKononowiczaKrzysztofa [6on6] mlodzier
Joined TS13PodWezwaniemKononowiczaKrzysztofa [6on6] swir
Left Strefa Autyzmu BLACK [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Strefa Autyzmu BLACK [6on6] mlodzier
Left Strefa Autyzmu [6on6] Sodium
Joined Strefa Autyzmu [6on6] BritishMapper
Left SMURF GAMING [6on6] mlodzier
Joined SMURF GAMING [6on6] TBE pez
Left Poland [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Poland [6on6] mlodzier
Left Endurance Test [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Endurance Test [6on6] kuba
Left Premier League [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Premier League [6on6] mlodzier
Left GOMPERK.GAMING [ELITA] [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Lingwista eSports's Academy [Fun Team] mlodzier
Joined GOMPERK.GAMING [ELITA] [6on6] swir
Left SureShot [2on2] mlodzier
Left Gaming Masters [6on6] mlodzier
Joined Gaming Masters [6on6] ben
Left PEKS [6on6] mlodzier
Joined PEKS [6on6] mlodzier
Left meistari pusnakts [6on6] mlodzier
Joined peks [1on1] mlodzier
Left Kalem & Odwierth Company [*] [Fun Team] mlodzier
Joined meistari pusnakts [6on6] mlodzier
Left [6on6] crazy
Joined Kalem & Odwierth Company [*] [Fun Team] swir
Joined [6on6] crazy
Left teamfortress to powazny esport [6on6] mlodzier
Joined teamfortress to powazny esport [6on6] swir
Left teamfortress to powazny esport [6on6] mlodzier
Joined teamfortress to powazny esport [6on6] swir
Left We don't care [6on6] mlodzier
Joined We don't care [6on6] sage
Left GUCCI [6on6] mlodzier
Joined GUCCI [6on6] mlodzier
Joined SureShot [2on2] mlodzier
Left Silencio [6on6] Banana Joe
Joined Silencio [6on6] Banana Joe

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