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UnitedKingdom coyo

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Just want nice gamer house and a £40k salary.


Pocket over everything else.

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  1. Nikolomara: MUS said:

    cool but dislikes weebs

  2. Divine: MUUMIT said:

    That’s only a plus Nik.

  3. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    Coyote The Return :pogchamp:

  4. Cyanic: MUUMIT said:

    will carry your team burned hand or not

  5. Sprite: Beyond PL said:


  6. Lurkki: MUUMIT said:

    -rep removed me

  7. pwanda: =__> - EDO said:

    insane gamer

  8. Lokko: verb - MUUMIT said:

    good player but a bit temperamental

  9. Bycoon: verb - Alligator said:

    good deem
    good brain (idk)
    good voice (not in a gay way)

    egdelord up the ass (ƧΛVΣ MΣ FЯӨM ƬΉIƧ MIƧΣЯΛBᄂΣ ЩӨЯᄂD ƬΉΛƬ IM IП)
    -rep scammed me off of my scrap metal

  10. slesh said:

    good player but a bit temperamental

  11. slesh said:

    >sends fempyro artwork
    would recommend :3

  12. Divine: MUUMIT said:

    >sends fempyro artwork
    would not recommend >:(

  13. Divine: MUUMIT said:

    He’s good tho don’t let the fempyro artwork get in the way of your team and him

  14. Skip: verb said:

    epic gamer, absolutely INSANE
    pick him up without any hesitation
    spiritual follower of Drackk’s footsteps

  15. winkyloloko: ffv2 said:

    Great scout, highly reccomend for prem

  16. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    remember folks, my steak does not end today.