Medic  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

Portugal Qohen

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either open or mid i'm fine with either

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Left woah [Highlander] Qohen
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  1. Teepee: SHAG said:

    Endless pictures of his face in our old discord.


  2. Leonio: DBT said:

    Pretty decent med, top mid undoubtedly

  3. Klin: lit - DBT said:

    he’s nuts but has the reaction time of a pensioner with heavy brain damage
    pick this boi up

  4. 4hp: DFGG said:

    friendly and good attitude, gets nervous sometimes but never angry. Good comms too. +1

  5. stexer: TC - NG said:

    Chill gamer

  6. Biohazard: [CR] said:

    n u t t y d o d g e s

  7. basic: PORG - PPoPP said:


  8. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  9. messy: lit - DBT said:

    he games

  10. Roper: ζ said:

    big brained gamer

  11. Charlie: Beyond PL - Jame'sBond said:

    really nice guy

  12. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  13. Aventador said:


  14. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  15. Sprasty: OwC - oto said:

    A really good med, a bit shaky, but it’s fine :D

  16. Hugo: England - c u nt said:

    toxic would say bottom open . . . jokes big love for the boy <3 mid at least

  17. Erupo89: boii - oto said:

    he can play, pick him!

  18. Greenwood said:

    I take him

  19. Qohen: lit - DBT said:

    b u m p

  20. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  21. Lowenzahn: ;) - COGU said:

    even though he refuses to buff soldiers, me included, he’s still a great medic, would definitely pick him up!

  22. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  23. Qohen: lit - DBT said:


  24. MoreBuckets!: ZION! said:

    Perhaps if u want a team u should stop removing me xd

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