ScoutSniper  Mid Skill, Highlander

Bulgaria Greenwood

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Hello ladies i am looking for a decent mid team to play sniper or scout.Can play SUB asswell.

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Left nonameBitch! [Highlander] Greenwood
Left Super Strong Sexy Primes [6on6] DUCKSLAYER
Joined nonameBitch! [Highlander] otto
Joined Super Strong Sexy Primes [6on6] quantum
Left Unusually Tall Midget Divers [6on6] Greenwood
Joined Unusually Tall Midget Divers [6on6] Greemu
Left ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] Greenwood
Joined ~The Fugitives~ [Highlander] m0x
Left PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] Greenwood
Joined PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] samii
Left MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy
Joined MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy

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  1. Hampe: RSKLD - LLL said:

    something :-)

  2. STiNGHAN: OwC - inv said:

    keen and nice guy. If he will improve more then you gonna get perfert player to your team

  3. OHSHITITSDATSNUS: TC - Lucrosa said:

    greenwood > redwood

  4. Kosuke: bisenen - Lucrosa said:

    like redwood but better

  5. meh said:

    He is real teamplayer who clean up the other sniper and the combo.he plays slow and clear.Good calls.Deffrently one of the best choices in MID. :-)

  6. Ryxsen: SMK said:

    cool guy

  7. Ryxsen: SMK said:

    cool guy

  8. Ryxsen: SMK said:

    cool guy

  9. soLo': HZ said:

    best meme account owner

  10. Greenwood said:

    do you kno da wae

  11. Cyanic: clairo - woah said:

  12. Greenwood said:


  13. Chochy: ty said:


  14. Greenwood said:


  15. Chochy: ty said:


  16. Roper: ζ said:

    a good pick

  17. Ryxsen: SMK said:

    Godd player

  18. swank: m0. said:

    easy top mid :)

  19. swank: m0. said:

    BaTMaN : ne misvam s pusnat utorent po telefona gobvora i slusham azis

  20. Ivak said:

    BaTMaN : ne misvam s pusnat utorent po telefona gobvora i slusham azis

  21. Greenwood said:


  22. Ivak said:

    BaTMaN : i can kill 6 pple the midle point

  23. Ivak said:

    BaTMaN : nah you 2 scout suck i kill him alone

  24. swank: m0. said:

    Epsilon BLACK FU BIG COCK: demage nobers

  25. Ivak said:

    BaTMaN : after 1 min you have ban

  26. Couper: PORG - #T4F said:

    Oxford Dictionaries:

    “Of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds.
    ‘her flashing green eyes’
    ‘the leaves are bright green’”


    -> Give green a team plz.

  27. Helly: GbK said:

    hahahaha che i sniper

  28. swank: m0. said:

  29. Ivak said:

    BaTMaN : spored men trqbav da delet tf2

  30. Chochy: ty said:

    dont pick bad player not even mid or silver pick open or steel thanks

  31. Greenwood said:

    Legendary bump

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