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Austria Magikarp

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I am going to copenhagen games confirmed

I probably? Have a team for 6s but still look for one in HL

Willing to tryhard or have fun, whatever your team is up to

Add me xoxo

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Left aww fuck me [6on6] Magikarp
Joined aww fuck me [6on6] Tom
Joined Majestic Casuals [Highlander] Fasto
Left Majestic Casuals [Highlander] Lazybear
Left PAROXYSM [6on6] Lazybear
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Joined Majestic Casuals [Highlander] Fasto
Left Reverie e-Sports [Highlander] Magikarp
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Joined PAROXYSM [Highlander] TheSuperiorOne
Joined PAROXYSM [6on6] TheSuperiorOne
Left Soda Overdose [Highlander] Magikarp
Left .__o< [2on2] Ztreak
Joined Soda Overdose [Highlander] MilkSoda
Left Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies [Highlander] Magikarp
Left -Screamin' Eagles- [6on6] Magikarp
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Joined Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies [Highlander] TheMasterOfDisaster
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Left Omicron eSports [6on6] Magikarp
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Left GODL MEDEL!! [Highlander] Magikarp
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Left *Insert good team name here* [6on6] Magikarp
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Joined *Insert good team name here* [6on6] Lord Sunday
Left lol6s [6on6] Magikarp
Joined GODL MEDEL!! [Highlander] Royal Flush
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  1. stexer: TC - HZ said:

    Can shoot

  2. Magikarp said:

    bump, still looking nerds

  3. Adje: lil said:

    good gamer, can click on people

  4. Lowenzahn: ;) - Comp G said:

    a literal god

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