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Israel winkyloloko

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Lft next season top open, can try mid too. Not intrested in being a sub.

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Joined Vicious Men [6on6] Kus
Left autism level 1 [Fun Team] winkyloloko
Joined Country Kings [Highlander] Jesus Bourne
Left Mars Bar Revolution [6on6] stay woke
Joined Mars Bar Revolution [6on6] stay woke
Joined autism level 1 [Fun Team] Spectat0r
Left The Underdogs [6on6] winkyloloko
Left Muumit eSports (powered by Sek) [Highlander] winkyloloko
Joined Muumit eSports (powered by Sek) [Highlander] Lurkki
Left ChosenOnes [Highlander] winkyloloko
Joined ChosenOnes [Highlander] JagCsd
Left THAMES [Highlander] winkyloloko
Joined The Underdogs [6on6] winkyloloko
Left Kritz Your Scout [6on6] Ph3no
Joined THAMES [Highlander] peasoup
Left sticky fingers [Highlander] winkyloloko
Joined Kritz Your Scout [6on6] Ph3no
Left Prehistoric Dinosaurs [6on6] BaumeisterBasti
Joined sticky fingers [Highlander] Dippi
Left NetNobodies [Highlander] winkyloloko
Joined Prehistoric Dinosaurs [6on6] BaumeisterBasti
Left Bad Intentions Gaming [6on6] winkyloloko
Joined Bad Intentions Gaming [6on6] Life
Joined NetNobodies [Highlander] ThUnDeRsHoCk

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    winkyloloko: And my steak does not end today folks

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