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Poland maly

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I could go to Copenhagen Games, mostly interested in 6v6, but could play lolhl as well :)

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  1. Sikky: WNDR said:


  2. Yohn: TBC said:

    segfault at lan :>

  3. gaming_messiah2: yeet - EDO said:

    Mr. Segfruit, I respect you. On a side-note: Awesome pyro, he prefers being called either, segway, segfruit, swegway, and NOT segfault.

  4. Stan: penguins said:

    god gamesense god dm pick or get destroyed by him

    dobra mordeczka do piwka ;]

  5. supra said:

    polski seagull aka smigull polecam
    jak zdecydujesz się na wyjazd to zabieram się z Tobą ;>

  6. Galax: #team_tag said:


  7. Coyote said:

    Wali w żyłe dobre strzykawy leczonce hilujonce

  8. mc dys0rtgraf: TS13 said:

    to nie dopuszczalne na tym poziomie

  9. supra said:


  10. mc eXplosion: TS13 said:

    ej maly na co stawiasz wlosy?

  11. mc dys0rtgraf: TS13 said:

    Elo expo mordeczko, wbijaj do studia, bo nagrać trzeba ten singie promujący album “Masuj Chuj”

  12. maly: penguins said:


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