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Denmark Pretzel

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Spy main looking for any team in mid/high/prem

idc if you're the worst team in mid I just wanna play somewhere before I end up uninstalling this game

Also very interested in pretty much any UGC team

Also willing to sub and/or play pyro at an equally high level. Although I would prefer not to.

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Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left Xenon [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined Meowmyx [6on6] gilga
Left Village Idiots [6on6] Pretzel
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Joined Xenon [Highlander] Icewind
Left Division Zero [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined Division Zero [Highlander] Spectat0r
Left Akisora fan club [Fun Team] Pretzel
Joined Akisora fan club [Fun Team] Polarium
Left Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Brian
Joined Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Brian
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined Denmark [National Highlander Team] sintyyr
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Firefly
Left Budget Toucans [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] proky
Left Good Enough [Highlander] birdy
Left The Essentials [6on6] Pretzel
Joined Good Enough [Highlander] Larath
Left inVision [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left Fun Police [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined Fun Police [Highlander] Reisbauer
Left This is Gaming Community [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined The Essentials [6on6] nicco
Joined This is Gaming Community [Highlander] conhor
Left Gun Art [Highlander] Yuval
Joined Gun Art [Highlander] Yuval
Left Deck of Cards [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Joined Deck of Cards [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Left C00kies and Fruits [Highlander] Pretzel
Joined C00kies and Fruits [Highlander] Mango
Left No Offense [Highlander] Dr. Melon
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  1. Toast: Gaston - S-O said:

    played well in Nations – Intelligent player and really nice.

  2. Pretzel: myx - SENS said:


  3. sun said:

    pretty good, find this guy a team

  4. Jelly: (°)> said:

    Keen and nice guy, would be a good pickup for any team :)

  5. ducky: CMPD - EDO said:

    very good pub pyro

  6. Pretzel: myx - SENS said:

    Oh hi Ducky o/

    Aren’t you the guy who lied about being on a “6s prem team”? I heard from a friend of yours that you’re actually just roster riding, and that you won’t be playing at all. Lying isn’t nice :(

  7. Pretzel: myx - SENS said: