Soldier  Mid Skill, Highlander

Bulgaria Chochy

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Mid Hl S15
can play anyday

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Joined Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Left eXhausted Runners [6on6] Chochy
Joined eXhausted Runners [6on6] shock
Left Louder eSports [6on6] Chochy
Joined Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Left Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Joined Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Left Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Joined Thanks blank [Highlander] [blank]
Left [Highlander] Chochy
Joined Louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Left Ye faM [6on6] Chochy
Joined [Highlander] wackydog123
Joined Ye faM [6on6] int
Left Toxic Frogs [6on6] Dennis
Joined Toxic Frogs [6on6] CoppyZ
Left PAROXYSM [6on6] TheSuperiorOne
Joined PAROXYSM [6on6] TheSuperiorOne
Left Offline [6on6] Chochy
Left Chochy [1on1] Chochy
Left [Highlander] Chochy
Joined Chochy [1on1] Chochy
Joined Offline [6on6] Chochy
Left Toxic Frogs [6on6] Chochy
Left cringe [1on1] Chochy
Joined cringe [1on1] Chochy
Joined Toxic Frogs [6on6] Dennis
Left The Semi-Inebriated [6on6] Winnero
Joined [Highlander] wackydog123
Joined The Semi-Inebriated [6on6] Winnero
Left The Semi-Inebriated [6on6] Chochy
Joined The Semi-Inebriated [6on6] Winnero
Left [Highlander] Chochy
Left Picck'n'Mix [6on6] Chochy
Joined Picck'n'Mix [6on6] wackydog123
Left MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy
Left saltydoo [2on2] Chochy
Joined MadnessTF [6on6] Chochy
Joined saltydoo [2on2] wackydog123
Left Trade Team [6on6] wackydog123
Joined [Highlander] wackydog123
Joined Trade Team [6on6] wackydog123
Left magma fire [Highlander] Chochy
Left The Cursed Warriors [6on6] Chochy
Joined The Cursed Warriors [6on6] Chochy
Joined magma fire [Highlander] wackydog123

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  1. Bycoon: clairo said:

    typed something

  2. toemas_: mix - Lil said:

    Chochy: can you type something good about me

  3. toemas_: mix - Lil said:

    bIg nUtTy mAn

  4. vladandreiy: clairo - ty said:

    good hl solly

  5. MaybeEvenTheBest: nW. said:

    Nice player, good pocket :-)

  6. ReBBeR: fp. bio said:

    +rep fast and nice trader would recommended 10/10

  7. Barthiz: Impulse said:

    something good

  8. slowtown: bisenen - dneprodno said:

    cal slay ppl

  9. pluxa: eXR - SB said:

    big soldier guy

  10. youngsinatra: 5.1 said:

    good player i guess??? idfk

  11. ben: GM said:

    good rocket man

  12. nicky said:

    Fast and Fair trader +rep would reccomend

  13. Ken Noguchi: BITE ME! said:

    he have big skill and small dick

  14. w411u: JTFC said:


  15. Matthes said:


  16. invis: BITE ME! - os. said:

    reliable soldier, worth a try definitely

  17. Cameron: MGE said:


  18. D3rKeiZ: ubi+5 said:

    83 dpm 3:14….

  19. snegir`: 54547b - SB said:

    demo vzyal 50

  20. drifta: dP said:

  21. DarkySp: pasta - TSxS said:

    Chill guy

  22. tea: .+2 - /// said:

    Big man in a suit of nolife. Take that off, what are you?
    mge chad, chill guy, promising player and good friend.

  23. DocFlame said:

    Chochy: type anything you want

  24. kelt said:

    Chochy: type anything you want

  25. kelt said:

    Greenwood : yea thats chochy guy with much ego but still open after 3 years of competitive tf2.He only can play ultiduo and mge because he play gay.There is no gay tactics in 6s and HL

  26. Cyanic: clairo - woah said:

    Chochy: type anything you want

  27. 3wavesguy: ubi+5 said:

    Chochy is the best player i have ever seen, good person, good father, always helping and an awsome tf2 player

  28. wackydog123 said:

    Sick soldier, bit toxic but all he means is good!

  29. Strealtash: ubi+5 said:

    good dm but gay

  30. kelt said:

    shotgun main man

  31. Roper: ζ said:

    pretty gewd

  32. Harrow: .IO - =S-T= said:

    Great player and a good friend. Many skills , a lot of potential. The only question is: Why havent u invite him in your team YET?

  33. akachu: аутист said:

    tiny dick, didnt feel a thing.

  34. kelt said:

    why cheat on mge private server man: (

  35. kelt said:

    and why u kill me in mge while im afk with 1800 raiting :(((((

  36. lucifer: .IO said:

    good player good dm good calls get him or i will :o

  37. Greenwood said:

    We will get 1st place on the Nations Cup

  38. five: CMPD said:


  39. Benjamin: ^faM said:

    great solly!

  40. messy: lit said:

    fucking pounds on heavy

  41. napike22 said:

    27 януари 2018 г.
    15:22 ч. – Chochy: type anything you want
    15:22 ч. – Chochy: ochakvam
    15:22 ч. – Chochy: hubav commentar

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