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Israel Phnx

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left WASP [Highlander] Detoed.
Joined WASP [Highlander] Clark
Joined Garda Panteri [6on6] Marv
Left Planet Express [6on6] Phnx
Left Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] MoistPenguin
Joined Planet Express [6on6] sheepy dog's hand
Joined Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] MoistPenguin
Left The Agency [Highlander] Stitzy
Joined The Agency [Highlander] proky
Left The Bureau [Highlander] Phnx
Left Stevie Wonder's Aim School [6on6] Phnx
Joined The Bureau [Highlander] Chronos
Joined Stevie Wonder's Aim School [6on6] Joseph__
Left Bring On Trump [6on6] Phnx
Joined Bring On Trump [6on6] Phnx
Left Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] Phnx
Joined Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] STOGE
Left [email protected] FIVE [6on6] Unlimited
Joined [email protected] FIVE [6on6] dima
Left Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] Phnx
Left Team Delta Pigs [Highlander] Phnx
Joined Team Delta Pigs [Highlander] Ducky
Joined Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] pablo
Left [6on6] Phnx
Left Raviloli.Raviloli [Highlander] 一方通行
Joined Raviloli.Raviloli [Highlander] 一方通行
Joined [6on6] fede4ka
Left SickSix [6on6] Phnx
Joined SickSix [6on6] Eniere
Left GoodFellas [6on6] Phnx
Joined GoodFellas [6on6] h3x
Left unoriginal eSports by [6on6] Phnx
Joined Shagging Shakos [2on2] dd5f
Left dj quik [2on2] Phnx
Joined unoriginal eSports by [6on6] MARS^
Left International Oral Sex [6on6] Phnx
Left Chessclub JR [Highlander] Husky
Joined Chessclub JR [Highlander] Husky
Joined International Oral Sex [6on6] Deox
Left [6on6] Phnx
Joined [6on6] Permzilla
Left dunno yet [6on6] Phnx
Left BakLajaN [Highlander] Mbest
Joined BakLajaN [Highlander] Mbest
Joined dunno yet [6on6] 一方通行
Left [6on6] Phnx
Left Vaizādo [Highlander] redwood
Joined Vaizādo [Highlander] =V= Ichigo ツ
Left WASP [Highlander] Phnx
Joined dj quik [2on2] Phnx
Left [2on2] Phnx
Joined Public Enemy [Fun Team] CreatiVe
Left We Bring the Sunshine [Fun Team] Phnx
Joined We Bring the Sunshine [Fun Team] Phnx
Joined WASP [Highlander] ADIOS
Left Stigma Zeta [Highlander] Unii
Joined Stigma Zeta [Highlander] Phnx
Left Deference Team [Highlander] Phnx
Joined excellent [1on1] Phnx
Joined [2on2] Phnx
Joined [6on6] Phnx
Left The Evolution [6on6] Phnx
Joined The Evolution [6on6] Phnx
Left Porn On The Point [6on6] Phnx
Joined Porn On The Point [6on6] Phnx
Left God I'm Amazing [6on6] Phnx
Joined God I'm Amazing [6on6] Phnx
Left Cotangent [6on6] Phnx
Joined Cotangent [6on6] Phnx
Joined Deference Team [Highlander] Phnx
Left Function gaming [6on6] Phnx
Joined Function gaming [6on6] Phnx
Left Function gaming [6on6] kandabi
Joined Function gaming [6on6] Phnx

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View High 14 1020
View Prem/High 10 773
View High 56 1280
View Div 3 40 1153
View Div 3 11 433
View Div 3 12 949
View Div 3/Div 4 19 502
View Div 4/Div 5 16 630
View Div 4/Div 5 31 966
View Div 5/Div 6 8 382
View Div 5/Div 6 15 440
View Div 5/Div 6 7 396


  1. maggy said:

    the man is back

  2. Mould: De-gnomed said:

    bend over for the yeezy boys

  3. seeds: 7 - -chess- said:

    very talented

  4. Hempus: ︻芫═一☺ said:


  5. rivka: triple b said:

    rly g00d

  6. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG - regretful said:

    Really good player, can play in high for sure

  7. Spanns: la bamba - SENS said:


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