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Spain smiguel

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willing to sub in case your shitty players miss scrims and officials

can play anything with different levels of goodness

add for trials
dont expect me to take lolhl too seriously, will show up if you call me tho

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined King Trump 2.0 [6on6] Jan
Left Bye week [6on6] smiguel
Joined Bye week [6on6] smiguel
Left Kompott Gaming [6on6] voxtec
Joined Kompott Gaming [6on6] TurbAndy
Left Endlosung der gibusfrage [6on6] smiguel
Joined Endlosung der gibusfrage [6on6] Chemistry Cat
Left bye week [2on2] smiguel
Left Jin☯Jang [Highlander] smiguel
Left King Trump 2.0 [6on6] smiguel
Joined bye week [2on2] fischa
Left Voxi will dick machen [Fun Team] fischa
Joined Voxi will dick machen [Fun Team] fischa
Joined King Trump 2.0 [6on6] yeth
Left Conchas Codan [6on6] smiguel
Joined Jin☯Jang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Left GANGFORT [Highlander] smiguel
Joined Conchas Codan [6on6] smiguel
Left v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Joined Spain [National 6v6 Team] So||o Wo|o
Joined v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Left F4 or KICK [6on6] smiguel
Joined GANGFORT [Highlander] Stereooo
Left Why backpack 2.0 [Highlander] smiguel
Joined Why backpack 2.0 [Highlander] smiguel
Joined F4 or KICK [6on6] smiguel
Joined Spain [National Highlander Team] Godofredo Errigeberu
Left Why Backpack [6on6] smiguel
Left Spanish Bastards [Highlander] smiguel
Left TEAM NOOB [Fun Team] smiguel
Joined Why Backpack [6on6] King Kun
Left Nunchuck Rockets [6on6] smiguel
Joined Spanish Bastards [Highlander] CHICHO
Left Project Arctic [Highlander] smiguel
Joined Nunchuck Rockets [6on6] streep36
Left Lulz [6on6] smiguel
Joined TEAM NOOB [Fun Team] CHICHO
Joined Lulz [6on6] smiguel
Joined Project Arctic [Highlander] Epistolizer

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