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looking for a team as scout trying to make playoffs
willing to scrim a lot (3/4 times a week)
and do demo reviews and stuff like that
add me if interested :)
pretty much willing to trial for everyone

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  1. Ascend: D-War - ζ said:

    dad is body builder watch out

    he can do crossfit

    he also pounds in team fortress 2 and has big brain and is good caller (do pick up)

  2. zherii: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    decent scout + he will watch chinese cartoons with you if you ask nicely would recommend

  3. Astro: IDIOT - KAAS said:


  4. Eddie: D-War said:


  5. Nikolomara: EDO said:


  6. Ascend: D-War - ζ said:

    also took dad to anime con so didn’t get bullied

  7. Murlocjonny: Team - NYS said:

    Keen gamer and great person, you’d be silly not to pick this cyber athlete up.

  8. Ztreak said:

    this guy is so good i would watch anime with him

  9. Wolfy: D-War - R? said:

    Good pick him up plz ty

  10. akachu: BOBBY B said:

    i wanna have nasty sex with ties

  11. akachu: BOBBY B said:

    nasty as in dutch oven and some swaffels after

  12. Ties: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    I’m a minor

  13. akachu: BOBBY B said:

    16 is consent age

  14. Ties: ..d1ck - EDO said:


  15. kodeeey: APEX said:

    Get him in a playoff team please.

  16. cloudy: (=゚・゚=) - Leila+8 said:

    very good! player!

  17. cantar: yeet - EDO said:

    big dm

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