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England Love <3

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Looking to play 6s again, Any class! Can maincall, dependant on the Role, If you pick me up on Roamer/Scout, You'll have a Good sniper/Spy having played Gold/Plat as the two. If you pick me up as Med, I used to Merc in High and Trialed for Chessclub in highlander. And As soldier, I do a lot of Jump maps, So Roamer is Preferred! but Can Pocket, But I'll be using Shotgun!

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Joined louder eSports [6on6] Kostix
Left [Highlander] Love <3
Left French Toast Mafia [6on6] Love <3
Joined [Highlander] wackydog123
Left Evolution Highlander [Highlander] Csm.-ChAoS-
Joined French Toast Mafia [6on6] QBown
Left KBASH eSports [6on6] Love <3
Joined KBASH eSports [6on6] Vocey
Left Gaming Masters [6on6] Love <3
Joined Gaming Masters [6on6] ben
Left Breathing is Overrated [6on6] Love <3
Joined Evolution Highlander [Highlander] Csm.-ChAoS-
Left No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Love <3
Joined Breathing is Overrated [6on6] Lucky
Joined No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Woona
Left Random Boots Reborn [Highlander] Love <3
Left Kronos [6on6] Aoshi
Joined Kronos [6on6] Lena
Left Turn Up [6on6] Love <3
Joined Turn Up [6on6] Skip
Joined Random Boots Reborn [Highlander] Lena
Left Love [1on1] Love <3
Left redrumers [Highlander] Love <3
Joined redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Left attractive single men [6on6] Love <3
Joined attractive single men [6on6] Donny
Left Virtual Saxophone Transmissions [6on6] Love <3
Left Messed up minds [Highlander] Scott
Joined Messed up minds [Highlander] AustinN
Left Victory Road [Highlander] Love <3
Joined Virtual Saxophone Transmissions [6on6] JENNYDEATH
Left SEGA  Mixtape  / 2001\ [6on6] Love <3
Joined Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Left Messed up minds [Highlander] Love <3
Joined Messed up minds [Highlander] AustinN
Joined SEGA  Mixtape  / 2001\ [6on6] ninlop
Left Shanter... [6on6] Love <3
Left NaCl [Fun Team] Love <3
Left Donald Trump: Powered By [Highlander] Love <3
Joined NaCl [Fun Team] Love <3
Joined Love [1on1] Love <3
Joined Shanter... [6on6] Love <3
Joined Donald Trump: Powered By [Highlander] Fuzzy
Left The Essentials [6on6] Love <3
Left Sleeping Koalas [Highlander] Julianator
Joined Sleeping Koalas [Highlander] Madness
Left Kevin eSports sponsored by happy sailors [Highlander] Akuma
Joined Kevin eSports sponsored by happy sailors [Highlander] Akuma
Left Top Notch Banter Society [Highlander] Love <3
Joined The Essentials [6on6] BreD
Left (・ω・) Baguette Brigade (・ω・) [6on6] Love <3
Joined Top Notch Banter Society [Highlander] Love <3
Joined (・ω・) Baguette Brigade (・ω・) [6on6] Love <3
Left MemeMachinesXD [6on6] Love <3
Left The Highlander Harassers [Highlander] Love <3
Joined MemeMachinesXD [6on6] x0x000x0x
Joined The Highlander Harassers [Highlander] S-Tempest

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