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England Amik

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Looking for a top high team going for playoffs. can play both passive and flank scout.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined [6on6] Maybe
Left Troublemakers [LAN Team] Amik
Left Absent [6on6] Amik
Joined The Playa Haters [Fun Team] Louis
Joined Troublemakers [LAN Team] soda
Joined Absent [6on6] hr
Left Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left Absent [6on6] stainless
Left soldier mains can aim [Fun Team] stainless
Joined soldier mains can aim [Fun Team] stainless
Joined Absent [6on6] hr
Left Hagrid eSports powered by Panda [2on2] Amik
Left B-HAVE [6on6] Amik
Joined Hagrid eSports powered by Panda [2on2] Mop
Joined B-HAVE [6on6] Honey Badger
Left MAYHEM 6v6 [6on6] Amik
Joined MAYHEM 6v6 [6on6] Coolbeans
Left MAYHEM 6v6 [6on6] Banana Joe
Left Baghdad Swordfishes [Fun Team] Chopp
Joined Baghdad Swordfishes [Fun Team] Chopp
Joined MAYHEM 6v6 [6on6] Banana Joe
Left Viva La Copycats [6on6] Amik
Joined Viva La Copycats [6on6] Collaide
Left EZ [6on6] Amik
Joined EZ [6on6] ISpotnikz

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  1. YeeHaw: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - UP said:

    Prem actually

  2. Maybe: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - -chess- said:

    Prem actually

  3. charle said:

    Very goos

  4. catbowcar: UP said:

    the absolute nutter

  5. hr said:

    Fast improver when he keens it up, good luck.

  6. Kraken: gang - A07 said:

    such a good player, surprised he’s back :o

  7. gatsan: s=ut+½at² said:

    prem actually

    really flexible scout with a lot of experience, super consistent dm, super chill, basically one of the best players u can grab for top high

  8. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - inv said:

    Prem actually

  9. KRKT: humble - PAKI said:

    sick boi, except on badlands

  10. Scruff: Rakuzan - inv said:

    would be the best scout in high for next season, also owes me an irl hat for lan

  11. seeds: -chess- said:

    just incredible

  12. gatsan: s=ut+½at² said:

    best engi on badlands. absolutely insane.

  13. messy: lit - MJC said:


  14. NURWHAL: POOTISTAN - faggot said:

    good lad with nuts aim

  15. ult1mate: said:

    amik is my lord

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