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Germany BlueBunny

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Hello there fellow gamer!
Since the 6s season is almost over (and my last team decided to ditch everything), I'm looking for a new, friendly and ambitious team to play with!
Mostly looking for:

-top open (a team who is willing to reach playoffs and maybe move to mid together),

-or an entry to mid (finally), who is willing to give me a chance :)

about myself:
– calm, but ambitious personality
– my german blood gives me +10 stats on playing Medic
– I have no lags (best ping was 5, worst 30) or pc-problems (fps max 1007)
– I have decent aviability in the evenings (I'm full time working though)
– I could be your teams grandparent (I knit scarfs&hats and I bake cakes&cookies)

Feel free to add me over steam, but leave a comment beforehand
(I get many spam invites through bots and scammer thanks to my not-so-cheap csgo inventory)

Have a nice day!

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Action Team By Date
Left estonian rap [6on6] BlueBunny
Joined Open Sesame [Highlander] aychi
Joined estonian rap [6on6] BreaDMV
Left Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] BlueBunny
Joined Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] razzy
Left Aeterna [6on6] Divider of Worlds
Left Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Max Vultur
Joined San Marino E-Sports II [Fun Team] BlueBunny
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Max Vultur
Left Team SniperScout // coming soon... [Highlander] BlueBunny
Joined Aeterna [6on6] Divider of Worlds
Left guys get off payday 2 we have a scrim [6on6] BlueBunny
Joined guys get off payday 2 we have a scrim [6on6] MilkSoda
Left SICK LAUGHTER [6on6] MilkSoda
Joined SICK LAUGHTER [6on6] MilkSoda
Joined Team SniperScout // coming soon... [Highlander] MilkSoda
Left Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] BlueBunny
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Nabla

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  1. Biba: 》MiF《 said:

    Some nice words

  2. LuxZen said:

    Very reasonable player. Has a very adaptable playstyle for any team. I’d be surprised to see them not in mid actually.

  3. Biba: 》MiF《 said:

    Jokes aside, really good Medic main, and a good person overall. Won’t regret if you choose her for your team.

  4. :3: 》MiF《 said:

    Good player, very friendly, does good medic stuff like er, oh yeah she’s very good at +attack, I’ve seen few people better at holding M1 than her and er, also very good at pressing M2 when under getting ganked by the enemy. All in all, very strong and competent player, very good choice for a medic in your team.

  5. aychi: os. said:

    Bunny is a lovely human being with the ability to make warm, cozy scarfs for the winter.
    For the very short time I have played with her, she has shown herself to be extremely dedicated and willing to improve. Good positioning, heal priority on point.
    If you’re a team with like minded players, Bunny is a perfect pick up.

  6. Divider of Worlds: R? said:


  7. BlueBunny: os. said:


  8. Brian: dab said:

    Willing to improve, seems keen enough. Also lovely person

  9. BlueBunny: os. said:

    bump, looking to have some more trials!

  10. akachu: demoknight said:

    not mid

  11. Divider of Worlds: R? said:

    akachu: not even open playoffs

  12. princess dvs: 4SKINGS - (°)> said:

    Very ambitious gamer with a lot of potential. Would only recommend for serious teams who want to reach playoffs.

  13. MilkSoda: TSxS said:

    Very eager player. Is being mentored, and improves very fast. Don’t want to give outdated info so that’s all I’ll say. :)

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