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Denmark Toast

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Let's try again.

Looking for at least a playoff team in high. Prefer pocket as thats what im best at, but can also play roamer/scout for the right team. retarded spy main but good when i try.


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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] Seal
Left gay [6on6] Toast
Joined gay [6on6] garbage
Left Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] Toast
Left Hirtshals Cr3w [DK] [2on2] Toast
Joined Hirtshals Cr3w [DK] [2on2] Toast
Left cunt [2on2] Toast
Joined Strong Opinions [Highlander] CeeJaey
Left Strong Opinions [Highlander] Toast
Joined Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] CeeJaey
Left A Tribe Called Kek [6on6] Toast
Joined Strong Opinions [Highlander] CeeJaey
Left Megakillerz eSports Fanclub eSports [Highlander] Bloodyyy
Joined A Tribe Called Kek [6on6] Jammy
Joined cunt [2on2] cloudy
Left pickclass mains of luxembourg [2on2] Toast
Joined Denmark [National Highlander Team] F2
Left Team Colonslash: Snowy [6on6] Toast
Joined Team Colonslash: Snowy [6on6] Sigma
Joined Megakillerz eSports Fanclub eSports [Highlander] foungi
Left Dansk Folkeparti [6on6] Toast
Left Chessclub JR [Highlander] Toast
Joined Dansk Folkeparti [6on6] Toast
Joined Chessclub JR [Highlander] Husky
Joined pickclass mains of luxembourg [2on2] Toast
Left Spooky Turtles [6on6] quintosh
Left Chessclub JR [Highlander] quintosh
Joined Spooky Turtles [6on6] Casino
Joined Chessclub JR [Highlander] Husky
Left Chessclub Junior [Fun Team] Toast
Left ignis is noob eSports [Highlander] Toast
Left 6hess Jr. [6on6] Husky
Joined ignis is noob eSports [Highlander] cake
Joined 6hess Jr. [6on6] Husky
Left Spooky Turtles [6on6] Toast
Left fiddle-faddle [Highlander] Toast
Joined fiddle-faddle [Highlander] foungi
Joined Spooky Turtles [6on6] TwoKinds
Joined Chessclub Junior [Fun Team] Scissors

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  1. FizzyPug: HZ said:

    my favourite cunt

  2. charle: HEIL [PL] - UP said:


  3. Perlex: Tree - dab said:


  4. counou: inv said:

    legit man

  5. rivka said:

    rly good gamer but vERY!! bad at spy

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