Soldier  High Skill, 6on6

France Ama

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can play every night if need be
super keen
top high

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left La paume ancestrale [6on6] Ama
Joined La paume ancestrale [6on6] Medico
Left cp_soiree [6on6] Ama
Joined cp_soiree [6on6] Raf
Joined Amarok [1on1] Ama
Left seultout [Highlander] Ama
Left ★彡 dιɢιтαl ғlow 彡★ [6on6] Ama
Left T KI [Fun Team] Ama
Joined ★彡 dιɢιтαl ғlow 彡★ [6on6] op
Left My sons basketball team [6on6] Ama
Joined My sons basketball team [6on6] Demos
Left negative brain cells [6on6] Ama
Joined negative brain cells [6on6] Raw!
Left 000000 [6on6] Ama
Joined 000000 [6on6] op
Left E.P.T.H [6on6] Ama
Left Helly-Copter Behind [2on2] Ama
Joined Helly-Copter Behind [2on2] Hikari
Joined T KI [Fun Team] Raf
Joined seultout [Highlander] Ama
Joined E.P.T.H [6on6] Ramagan
Left dirty dicks [6on6] Ama
Joined dirty dicks [6on6] You will pay for you
Left TwisteD.tf2 [6on6] Ama
Joined TwisteD.tf2 [6on6] the hand that destroys u
Left idk? [6on6] Ama
Joined idk? [6on6] tdm0
Left Δlpha eSport [6on6] Ama
Joined Δlpha eSport [6on6] Ama
Left Junior Mafia [6on6] Ama
Joined Junior Mafia [6on6] NYK
Left LOYAL [6on6] sleepy
Joined LOYAL [6on6] sleepy
Left Anar_K [6on6] Ama
Joined Anar_K [6on6] Ama

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  1. drifta: dP said:

    +rep awesome trader, very friendly and good prices

  2. aloha: adk said:

    super epic best

  3. Ama said:


  4. Mr British: zesty - dab said:

    this boy is cute and slams

  5. Olgha: DABZ - -chess- said:

    fat emo

  6. Raf: Rakuzan - said:

    Tu t’es trompé de div tu voulais mettre Mid je crois vu que tu parles de playoff sur ton rec post

  7. Olgha: DABZ - -chess- said:

    uSUALLY it’s normal to give a short and sweet judgement on a rec post. However, today I believe it is of importance that I present Hughes “Amarok” in a way that portrays him to be a player of high calibre in terms of the soldier class.

    Amarok has been around for a while, constantly floating around the mid tier. What bothers me however, chilling me to the very core is that Amarok has not ONCE played in the Premiership tier. Despite the fact that Amarok was already playing bball at the time I started playing ETF2L. This is not good. Amarok seems to have found himself in this constant loop of playing in a team he believes will be able to strongly contest bball top 4, and if not have almost guarenteed chances of winning cups and therefore advancing into the bball god tier. This has not occured once. Countless amounts of “up and coming” and “sleeper pick” players have fought at Amarok’s side, unfortunately never displaying the prowess needed to take the victory.

    At this moment, I would like to DEMAND that Amarok plays for a team next season, that will not only dominate the bball game, but go on to win officials with flying colours, resulting in a top 4 finish. Following this, I would like to see Amarok’s new team attend i64 in the Invite bracket, where they will show a similar performance of both skill and devotion.

    Therefore, it is of greatest importance that Amarok finds a good team for next season, as if I see him play french mixes and not even win against Raf in bball ONE time, I will personally take off all of my skin and boil my head.

    Thank you, God bless, Praise Jesus.

    Father, husband, President, citizen, Raf

  8. Raf: Rakuzan - said:

    +1 Raf

  9. Salva: UBI said:

    Good & friendly player, really keen !

  10. Raf: Rakuzan - said:

    joueur emo exceptionnel

  11. SKRTSKRT said:


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