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Hungary Dashij

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Hello cute gamer boys!!!

As my team is probably nearing it's end I am looking for a main spot in a nice home with new comrades I can conquer Season 29 and the world with. (And hopefully more)
I'm incredibly keen for this, have been already since season 28 began but now that I have finally obtained the holy grail of hertz I want to see how far I can take myself and if possible play with and against actual gamer deities in a scary new tier to if not prove myself then at least to learn.

– While I can play both roles I've more experience as a pocketeer, although I consider myself to be fluid and can transition if my scout brother wants to make mad plays
– I never rage and I hope I'm not toxic either
– I have a high amount of tolerance for people and am comfortable with a lot of personalities
– Available literally anytime and all the time
– I assure you I am well cute, I call my shit and I speak good londonese
– I can also offclass well and I used to main pyro with a large chunk of playtime that I am not proud of but can potentially utilize if you want to go down that route…

For anything else you might wanna know feel free to add me, I read offline messages too.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left No Ggamefreak Allowed [2on2] Dashij
Joined L3RDZ [6on6] shaggz
Left Hungary [National Highlander Team] prince of denmark
Left Szerb-Horvat Buszsoforok 2 [Highlander] csiga
Left Whatever bro [6on6] Dashij
Joined Szerb-Horvat Buszsoforok 2 [Highlander] tuja
Left Bad Lads [Highlander] Dashij
Left Sex Dungeon Guard [1on1] Dashij
Joined Bad Lads [Highlander] Glyra
Left C-Men 2 [Highlander] Dashij
Joined Whatever bro [6on6] Tomu
Left Peril Puppies [6on6] Dashij
Joined C-Men 2 [Highlander] Dashij
Joined Sex Dungeon Guard [1on1] Dashij
Joined Hungary [National Highlander Team] PingWIN
Joined No Ggamefreak Allowed [2on2] Chris
Left C-Men [Highlander] Dashij
Joined Peril Puppies [6on6] Dashij
Joined C-Men [Highlander] Chris

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  1. csiga: dP - pizza said:

    cutest gamer boy

  2. Perlex: Tree - dab said:

    very cute!!!!!

  3. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - T - inv said:


  4. Neon: L3RD - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    my favorite ninja i’ve ever played with
    professional uber builder and sick pocket scout
    pick him

  5. unu: L3RD said:

    “I never rage and I hope I’m not toxic either”
    Absolutely this. So easy and fun to deal with.
    Good player too, except when he runs to the wrong second and last on reckoner :’)

  6. Anathon: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° said:

    Good gamer

  7. Unrav: SWAG!!!!! - EDO said:


  8. Nagle: SWAG!!!!! - EDO said:


  9. Alive said:

    “Dashij : alive -> DEAD XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD kill me please”

  10. shaggz: L3RD said:

    Pretty accurate rec post tbh

  11. Jordy: dick - SENS said:

    beautiful boy i love him

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