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Netherlands Sieb

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Hey everyone

I am searching for a friendly team in s29 thats want to improve.
I have played one other season
I have like 100 hours in medic class only
I have played 100 pugs and like 600 tf2centers
I have played lots of scrims
You can contact me on steam and we can have a talk and maybe trail :D
Best of luck to every team in s28 and s29 <3 !
Greetings Sieb ! <3

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Left Last Minute: Disciples of Akachu [6on6] akachu
Joined Last Minute: Disciples of Akachu [6on6] akachu
Left verbfusion [6on6] Bycoon
Joined verbfusion [6on6] Bycoon
Left ANTIC [6on6] Sieb
Joined ANTIC [6on6] amppis
Left MANNDEM CO. [6on6] Sieb
Joined MANNDEM CO. [6on6] chando
Left Japanese Mafia [6on6] Sieb
Joined Japanese Mafia [6on6] youngsinatra
Left Team pom [6on6] Sieb
Joined Team pom [6on6] dogsdiner
Left Kingsman [6on6] Sieb
Joined Kingsman [6on6] Sieb
Left Blame G Rade [6on6] Sieb
Joined Blame G Rade [6on6] Sieb
Left Bond team [Highlander] Sieb
Joined Bond team [Highlander] Sieb
Left Bond squad [Highlander] Jamee
Joined Bond squad [Highlander] Jamee
Left Si6Ti [Highlander] Sieb
Left Samus [6on6] Sieb
Joined Si6Ti [Highlander] Sieb
Left Artimek [Highlander] oblivious
Joined Samus [6on6] ilpazzo
Left Sherk T [6on6] Sieb
Joined Artimek [Highlander] oblivious
Joined Sherk T [6on6] Sieb

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  1. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    very cool guy, good pickup

  2. Nikolomara: (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ) - RIPaniki said:

    my name jeff

  3. pwanda: EDO said:

    je m’appelle Jeff

  4. ducky: yeet - EDO said:

    will improve lots in future!! so be nice and give him a good home :)

  5. Blanc: verb - woah said:

    Oh poor sieb got cut for no reason ;-; you should pick him up he’s a fucking god

  6. csiga: T said:


  7. Copper: analyzed - Highlander said:

    Trial not trail

  8. Klassy: mkcat said:

    cooper patronizing sieb as usual…

  9. Skag: HERO_ said:

    he sucks dont pick him up thxπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ

  10. BigDaddyNation!: GUN said:

    this guy is crazy medic I mean it

  11. Xephur said:

    Biggest star coming up I swear

  12. nissanmicraslayer said:

    improving very fast, top open for sure

  13. BigDaddyNation!: GUN said:

    very nice guy has a long way to go but I always enjoyed playing with him and I rarely ever enjoy playing with most of the medics…