Scout  Mid/Open Skill, 6on6

Russia snegir`

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined negodayi [2on2] snegir`
Joined Odin progib i ty pogib [6on6] Vortex_Current
Left Vicious Men [6on6] snegir`
Joined Vicious Men [6on6] Kus
Joined НА БАЗУ ТОРПЕДНЫХ КАТЕРОВ [6on6] snegir`
Left Last To Spec [6on6] snegir`
Joined Last To Spec [6on6] tea
Left Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] snegir`
Left flying space cow [Fun Team] snegir`
Left !add 5 [1on1] snegir`
Left Stray Dogs [2on2] danissimo
Joined Perpetual Motion Squad [6on6] Stock
Left verbfusion [6on6] snegir`
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Awesome Comrade Elite [Highlander] snegir`
Joined verbfusion [6on6] Bycoon
Left MGE BOYS [6on6] snegir`
Joined Awesome Comrade Elite [Highlander] Tractor
Left N9ne [Highlander] snegir`
Joined MGE BOYS [6on6] snegir`
Left FSC [6on6] snegir`
Joined FSC [6on6] GEEBUZ
Left Сборная ПТУ [6on6] koxy
Joined !add 5 [1on1] snegir`
Joined Stray Dogs [2on2] danissimo
Joined Сборная ПТУ [6on6] skq
Left FSC [6on6] snegir`
Joined N9ne [Highlander] GEEBUZ
Joined FSC [6on6] GEEBUZ
Joined flying space cow [Fun Team] GEEBUZ
Left Matesprit [Fun Team] snegir`
Joined Matesprit [Fun Team] KIng Drunkman

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