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Israel princess dvs

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hey tehre *nuzzles u* OwO ur so warm~ *rubs ur tummy wummy* I'm looking for a team *notices your bulge* o3o you're so warm~

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Action Team By Date
Joined Team Colonslash: Beyblade JR [6on6] proky
Left Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] Foz
Left Foreskings [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] proky
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] princess dvs
Joined Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Left rip boys, nice memes [6on6] princess dvs
Joined rip boys, nice memes [6on6] Klin
Left CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Mayonnaise Dealers Fun [Fun Team] Bv
Left ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Aoshi
Joined ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Kosuke
Joined Mayonnaise Dealers LAN [LAN Team] Kosuke
Left maLANhoeloe [LAN Team] princess dvs
Joined CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] Yxxo
Joined Israel [National Highlander Team] JackyLegs
Left ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Kosuke
Joined ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Kosuke
Left PoPo MATIZ #fun [Fun Team] princess dvs
Left PoPo MATIZ [6on6] TheTrueExp
Joined PoPo MATIZ #fun [Fun Team] TheTrueExp
Joined PoPo MATIZ [6on6] TheTrueExp
Left Anime is so cute!-Firefly2k17 [2on2] Kosuke
Joined Anime is so cute!-Firefly2k17 [2on2] Kosuke
Left homo & hebrew [2on2] princess dvs
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] OHSHITITSDATSNUS
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] OHSHITITSDATSNUS
Left opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] princess dvs
Left Last Issue [6on6] doks
Joined Last Issue [6on6] CitroMaind
Left Yung wolves [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Yung wolves [6on6] Firefly
Left Israel [National Highlander Team] JackyLegs
Joined opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] Strno
Left Generic Anime [Highlander] princess dvs
Joined Israel [National Highlander Team] redwood
Joined maLANhoeloe [LAN Team] Spelly
Joined Generic Anime [Highlander] Brian
Left opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] princess dvs
Left vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] princess dvs
Joined opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] b_fisch
Left TwisteD eSports [Highlander] princess dvs
Joined vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] chando
Left Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Joined Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Left vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] princess dvs
Joined vinny doesn't use LMAOBOX [6on6] chando
Joined homo & hebrew [2on2] chando
Left Golden Warriors [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Golden Warriors [6on6] princess dvs
Left SOAR [6on6] princess dvs
Joined TwisteD eSports [Highlander] Vinegar Strokes
Joined SOAR [6on6] Burnie
Left Candy Wrapper [Highlander] princess dvs
Joined Candy Wrapper [Highlander] Morito
Left Sunset Appreciation Society [Highlander] princess dvs
Left Nuts For Pudding [6on6] princess dvs
Joined Sunset Appreciation Society [Highlander] Bacon
Joined Nuts For Pudding [6on6] princess dvs
Left Those funky guys [Highlander] princess dvs
Joined Those funky guys [Highlander] princess dvs

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  1. MrBliss: FC - oto said:

    Great medic and equally great guy!

  2. Nikolomara: (◕‿◕✿) - RIPaniki said:


  3. GardenFungus: Buck824 - :elephant: said:

    haha solid guy played with him at lan, genuinely great

  4. Swanny: W0LF - lil said:

    If was i was to describe this gamer i would use the following :


    Solid gamer 10/10

    Also sexy in real life

  5. denkra: lil said:

    sexy gamer ingame and also in real life would hug again

  6. stexer: TC - NG said:

    Great medic and a great guy! always enjoy doing demo reviews with him!

  7. Ace: o5. - lil said:


  8. kKaltUu: R6S - Leila+8 said:

    anyone using the word nuzzle in their recruitment post should be banned from this website.

  9. Beckler: (ETF2L Donator) - ★GF - Dr. med. said:

    I concur with GardenFungus and kKaltUu

  10. lagwka: 2RSNS said:


  11. Foxyfluff: GIEL - S-A said:

  12. AustinN: .exp - lil said:

    Good at Secret Hitler

  13. Clark: bisenen - WASP said:

    Good at Secret Hitler

  14. Dave_the_Irate: Buck824 - SENS said:

    He is secretly gay.

  15. Cloverleaf: (°)> said:

    Cool guy, good english & coms, great gamer.

    Give him the job

  16. Mr British: pizza said:

    56th Percentile at Secret Hitler (THAT’S 1% BELOW ME! HE’S SUPER GOOD).

  17. Kosuke: Lucrosa said:

    really good player and friend
    really good pick as any class

  18. Gordon_king said:

    fit 4 open

  19. BlueBunny: os. said:

    the best dude and bro, friendly and fluffy
    also knows how to play medic at a high skill level
    I’m his fangirl

  20. Yxxo: SWELL - pizza said:


  21. mezzo: (=゚・゚=) - op_sqd said:

    true princess

  22. Sacrilege: (◕‿◕✿) - lil said:

    good girl gamer medic, bit emotional, bigger tits than leila .

  23. yelo: Leila+8 said:

    good boy and good gamer

  24. Klin: lit - DBT said:


  25. Adje: Leila+8 said:

    add him for hybrid furry mlp erp

  26. Charizard™: kiti said:

    quality yiff

  27. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - ≈wind≈ - lil said:


  28. Lerec: lit - DBT said:

    lovely person, good pickup

  29. Magikarp said:

    Puked on my suitcase at lan #signedbydvs
    Very good med and fun person pick this boy up

  30. counou: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - -chess- said:

    did NOT want to see his nipples

  31. princess dvs: TC - (°)> said: