ScoutSoldier  Prem/High Skill, 6on6

Bulgaria Lupus

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Due to job stuff I won't be able to attend lan, so I won't be able to go with my team,but can still play the season normally for any other keen team that needs scout/soldier (roaming/pocket).
Can maincall,focus call you name it. Add me for trials.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left The Nebulae [6on6] Lupus
Joined The Nebulae [6on6] daul
Left Third Eye [6on6] Lupus
Joined Third Eye [6on6] m1xwell
Left Banana eSports [6on6] Lupus
Joined Banana eSports [6on6] Collaide
Left Banana eSports [6on6] Lupus
Joined Banana eSports [6on6] Collaide
Left PugChumps [6on6] Lupus
Joined PugChumps [6on6] mattu
Left dancing with lupus [1on1] Lupus
Joined dancing with lupus [1on1] Lupus
Left Destructive Environment [6on6] Lupus
Joined Destructive Environment [6on6] Caoul!
Left CuteLittleBats [6on6] Lupus
Joined CuteLittleBats [6on6] Lupus
Left Notorious 6 [6on6] Lupus
Joined Notorious 6 [6on6] Marv
Left Team Infamous [6on6] Lupus
Joined Team Infamous [6on6] takyon
Left Team Infamous [6on6] Lupus
Joined Bulgaria [National 6v6 Team] tim.
Joined Team Infamous [6on6] takyon
Left lucker dogs [6on6] Lupus
Joined lucker dogs [6on6] Mould
Left Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] Lupus
Joined Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] CeeJaey
Left ==---== [6on6] op
Joined ==---== [6on6] Eniere
Left Knockout! [6on6] Lupus
Joined Knockout! [6on6] Lupus
Left seb esports gaming association [6on6] Lupus
Joined seb esports gaming association [6on6] shadyr
Left Continuity [6on6] Lupus
Joined Bulgaria [National Highlander Team] LaMqTa
Joined Continuity [6on6] Lupus
Left Wonderland [6on6] Lupus
Joined Wonderland [6on6] Graba
Left Wonderland [6on6] Lupus
Joined Wonderland [6on6] Graba
Left Foreskings [6on6] Lupus
Joined Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Left SickSix [6on6] Lupus
Joined SickSix [6on6] Eniere
Left -nobroder [6on6] Lupus
Joined -nobroder [6on6] nyxzsche
Left -nobroder [6on6] quintosh
Left Bulgaria [National Highlander Team] quintosh
Joined -nobroder [6on6] BraveHeart
Left Straight Outta Swampton [6on6] Lupus
Joined Bulgaria [National Highlander Team] superlub0
Joined Straight Outta Swampton [6on6] Askior
Left Sailors ♡ [6on6] Lupus
Joined Sailors ♡ [6on6] scatmo
Left 4:3 Brigade [6on6] Lupus
Joined 4:3 Brigade [6on6] Pom0
Left das beer boot inc esports gaming [6on6] Lupus
Joined das beer boot inc esports gaming [6on6] nuze
Left Lokum [6on6] Lupus
Joined Lokum [6on6] Scoffer
Left Chimera [6on6] Mr. Kira
Joined Chimera [6on6] Lupus
Left Team Laconic #2STRONK [6on6] Lupus
Left Team IKEA [Highlander] Lyrete
Joined Team Laconic #2STRONK [6on6] Lupus
Left Foreskings [6on6] Lupus
Joined Foreskings [6on6] Lupus
Joined Team IKEA [Highlander] Lupus
Left svamp [6on6] Lupus
Joined svamp [6on6] Lupus
Left Ideomotor Phenomenon [6on6] Lupus
Joined Ideomotor Phenomenon [6on6] Lupus

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  1. Alon3inh3ll said:


  2. Marv: .ƒlow said:

    epic at solider man

  3. Lupus said:


  4. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:


  5. Lupus said:

    bump 2

  6. Kraken: ︻芫═一 - A07 said:

    deserves a good team, very cool guy

  7. aloha: T said:

    way too contemptuous but gamer !!!!!!!

  8. Lupus said:

    Aloha I think you meant competitive, I want to play in a team to improve myself and the team as a whole. But when the team doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

  9. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - OoO said:

    Way too emotionally invested in the game, try to fix that and he’ll pound hard.

    Nice guy if not too emotional.

  10. Lupus said:

    Can’t argue with that.

  11. gemm: analyzed - ZION! said:


  12. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - sleep gang - bad said:

    Contemptuous is actually a word that means someone shows a lot of contempt to small things, I think what aloha was trying to say is that you are contemptuous in game which means you get annoyed by small things. By “but gamer !!!!!!” I think he is saying you are a skilled gamer despite this but I am not entirely sure.

    For someone to know and understand a word like “contemptuous” but fail to write a simple sentence is interesting.

    Oh ye also from playing against Lupus he is a good player all around for sure but since i’ve never played in a team with him I can only say that much.