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Lithuania RenTas

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wanna try again after a break

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Lithuania [National Highlander Team] Spreijer
Joined nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] Drunk`
Left nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] Drunk`
Joined ez game hard life [2on2] RenTas
Left dvamdu. [2on2] RenTas
Joined Šiukšlės ir Šiukšlynai [Highlander] guz
Joined Lithuania [National Highlander Team] Spreijer
Joined nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] ducky
Left DongerSquad [6on6] RenTas
Joined DongerSquad [6on6] Slappy
Left CarpeDiem [6on6] RenTas
Joined CarpeDiem [6on6] RenTas
Left Div6 4lyfe [6on6] RenTas
Left 4ever [Highlander] Makaron
Joined Div6 4lyfe [6on6] Arthur
Left Hell-Raisers [6on6] Adrenalinz
Joined Hell-Raisers [6on6] Adrenalinz
Left International Special Force: LIETUVA [6on6] guz
Joined 4ever [Highlander] RenTas
Joined International Special Force: LIETUVA [6on6] RenTas
Left nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] RenTas
Left A komanda [Highlander] Erebus
Joined dvamdu. [2on2] RenTas
Left Scrubs United [2on2] RenTas
Joined nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] RenTas
Left Team Retro [6on6] RenTas
Joined Ruski Pirat [1on1] RenTas
Joined Team Retro [6on6] RenTas
Left aVerage.TF2 [6on6] RenTas
Joined A komanda [Highlander] RenTas
Joined aVerage.TF2 [6on6] RenTas
Left nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] RenTas
Left William Wallaces team [Highlander] RenTas
Joined William Wallaces team [Highlander] RenTas
Left Pootis eSports [Highlander] RenTas
Joined Scrubs United [2on2] RenTas
Joined Pootis eSports [Highlander] Nyzza
Joined nervousENERGY - WHITE [6on6] RenTas
Left Go To Win! [6on6] RenTas
Joined Go To Win! [6on6] ekstr3m
Left Chaotech.TF2 [6on6] RenTas
Joined Chaotech.TF2 [6on6] Heny
Left Bagdub [6on6] Heny
Joined Bagdub [6on6] Heny
Left Scrub-Busters [6on6] RenTas
Joined Scrub-Busters [6on6] RenTas
Left None [Highlander] Criticall
Joined None [Highlander] Blingeotto
Left ProteKtions [6on6] RenTas
Joined ProteKtions [6on6] RenTas
Left OZ [6on6] rytis
Joined OZ [6on6] rytis
Left The Art Of Perfection [6on6] ZxP
Joined The Art Of Perfection [6on6] Milanello
Left Proton [6on6] RenTas
Left Statyba [Highlander] RenTas
Joined Proton [6on6] v1ruuz
Left Maximum JuiCe [6on6] RenTas
Joined Maximum JuiCe [6on6] RenTas
Joined Statyba [Highlander] surelis

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  4. Iva!lo: NgNl said:

    We need people with a lot of time to scrim and be ready for match at any time

    Contact me

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