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Netherlands Techspekje

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I'm a keen bean looking for a team to improve together with.

Toss a coin, if it lands on heads you will send me a message and trial me. Let's take a lil gamble shall we?
Just message me if you want to know specifics.

Oh yeah, I want to be your main bitch, not sloppy sides.

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  1. Vinni: Team - LLL said:

    Great medic, open to feedback and actually listens to team. Excellent team-mate, was fun to play with her! Pick her up fast!

  2. Thndr.: Team - 8===D said:

    “Keen bean” is such an understatement, always looking for feedback and ways to improve and has already grown so much as a player in the time i’ve known her. She’s someone who truly wants to find out just how far she can go in TF2, and will put the time and effort needed for that.

    It also helps thats she’s a lovely person too, but that’s not the important stuff here.

  3. Rainee: R6S said:

    The best.

  4. Murlocjonny: Team - DFGG said:

    A mature and eager gamer with the passion and potential to go far, you’d be a fool to not trial at least.

  5. TeaKay: Team said:

    Keen to learn, always looking for feedback when shes already a great medic. Was great to have her in a team.

  6. Lux: ︻芫═一 said:

    Lovely person, well spoken and can definitely go far with the right team :)

  7. Sepu: (Kovein) - Team - Leila+8 said:

    Top dude, easy mid

  8. unu: L3RD - pizza said:

    Always helps me win Faceit when she plays medic :D

  9. Teatime: Leila+8 said:

    seemed like a nice gamer and good medic whenever I merced

  10. reem: up. said:

    sloppy sides HAHAH prob the 2nd best rec post ive ever seen

  11. streep36: (ETF2L Donator) - Team - KAAS said:

    2 days too late you couldve saved KaoS.NL :(

  12. Techspekje: Team - NYS said:

    lmao streep why didn’t you just message me directly? :(

    Anyways, thanks for everyone’s kind replies. Got a team. SeemsGood