Soldier  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

CzechRepublic Rockz7ar

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only etf2l

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Czech Highlander powered by [Highlander] Rockz7ar
Joined haha dalsi tymovy slot obsazen [Fun Team] Rockz7ar
Joined Czech Highlander powered by [Highlander] zygy98
Left Flummery Friends [Highlander] Rockz7ar
Joined Insanity [6on6] nutt
Left Webo [6on6] Rockz7ar
Left LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Joined sKiLlZoNe 2k17 [LAN Team] Rockz7ar
Joined Flummery Friends [Highlander] AirForever
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] degu
Joined Webo [6on6] AustinN
Left Nakedgaming v2.0 [Highlander] Mankind
Joined mge odpad pohaneno tescem [1on1] Rockz7ar
Joined Nakedgaming v2.0 [Highlander] Mankind
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Left Deadgaming [6on6] 5baz
Joined Deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Left We don't care [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined kamen, orech a kapuca [2on2] Rockz7ar
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left @rustyrockets [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined @rustyrockets [6on6] bink
Left We don't care [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Deadgaming [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined Deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Left KrkClan [Fun Team] Rockz7ar
Left SKULL BREAKERS [6on6] Rockz7ar
Left Projekt26 [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined Projekt26 [6on6] aloha
Left #Pub Masters [Highlander] Rockz7ar
Left Rolling stones [1on1] Rockz7ar
Left Digital Warfare [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined Digital Warfare [6on6] Blitz
Left 2good4you [6on6] nutt
Joined 2good4you [6on6] nutt
Joined #Pub Masters [Highlander] Marty
Joined Rolling stones [1on1] Rockz7ar
Left #Pub Masters [Highlander] Rockz7ar
Left Vosousti powered by [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined Vosousti powered by [6on6] Krun
Left sutry [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined sutry [6on6] aloha
Left HOLOPRDOX [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined #Pub Masters [Highlander] Prophet
Joined HOLOPRDOX [6on6] Seth-#420
Left New Name Every Week [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined New Name Every Week [6on6] Lukee
Joined KrkClan [Fun Team] degu
Left Super Slash Bros [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined Super Slash Bros [6on6] Rockz7ar
Left lucknoob [6on6] Rockz7ar
Joined lucknoob [6on6] wiggle
Left GlobeTrollers [6on6] Rockz7ar
Left Brothers In Arms [2on2] Rockz7ar
Joined Brothers In Arms [2on2] Vlikett
Joined GlobeTrollers [6on6] Martin
Left -]#TeamWork[. [6on6] NestyCZ
Joined -]#TeamWork[. [6on6] NestyCZ

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View Prem/High 3 228
View Mid 3 125
View High/Mid 2 85
View Mid 0 85
View High/Mid 0 43
View Mid 2 90
View High/Mid 0 159
View High/Mid 1 110
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View Mid 0 122
View Open/Mid 5 259
View Mid 2 159
View Open/Mid 0 200


  1. leGioN: UHM - said:

    the god and a great player

  2. zygy98: said:


  3. shinso: Dtb said:

    great gamer, deserves a good team
    worth trialling

  4. Rockz7ar: Ins said:


  5. Sockx: Ins - said:


  6. Rockz7ar: Ins said:


  7. Mike Rotch: Webo said:

    good player, shit gamemode :(

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