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Finland nuthouse

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was unmotivated which was disguised as being sleepy which in turn wasn't very good for the team atmosphere :(

but now that i've learned what makes tf2 enjoyable for me, i'd like a team that's keen and serious to play video games frequently (preferably every day)


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  1. Kraken: ︻芫═一 - A07 said:

    insane scout, carried every game i’ve played with him. can go prem no doubt

  2. loopster said:

    Nutty scout. Wish you the best

  3. YeeHaw: UP said:

    i love him

  4. letto: ORA ⚡️ said:

    Give him some guidance and he will NUT

  5. ekta koling: OoO said:

    very good

  6. pingu: LvG - KAAS said:

    Very good if his hands aren’t cold :(

  7. nuthouse: nunya - op_sqd said:

    who said i was bad even with my hands freezing? >:(

  8. nuthouse: nunya - op_sqd said:


  9. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    very amazing

  10. Klassy: mkcat said:

    good taste in music