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Norway Yxxo

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last post died.
Wanna play with 6s mains and improve in 6s. HL takes priority until the season is over.
Demo mid/top mid
Solly(prefer roamer, but pocket is fine aswell) low/mid??

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  1. counou: AUTO - CRAZYBWAII said:

    Big Snake

  2. bum: RINGO - 00X said:

    epic gamer nice nose +rep

  3. Hugo: RINGO - 00X said:

    good troll xoxo

  4. Senots: RINGO - PAKI said:


  5. seeds: unknown - MAN said:


  6. princess dvs: PJP - CRAZYBWAII said:

    yung yxxo bussyslayer

  7. princess dvs: PJP - CRAZYBWAII said:

    have u still not found a team? what the heck yo pick this snowyboi up

  8. Offside said:

    Pretty Decent Demo, Could easily go mid.

  9. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - inv said:


  10. samii: FBRD said:

    I can tell that you came with the Disney flow, ayy
    Ain’t nobody ever heard about your Disney show, ayy
    Got a bitch that remind me of my cereal
    From Britain, when I see her, I’m like “cheerio”
    Yeah, Alissa called asking me if we could win against Jake Paul (what)
    I said, we Gucci like the shirts with the snakes on it
    I just heard the song, Team 10, now I hate y’all
    Logan, that will be your last hit like an 8 ball

  11. Yxxo: MoN - CRAZYBWAII said:


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