Demoman  Prem Skill, Highlander

England samii

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Hey im not prem at all, you just got molested by the clickbait king

(actually rosterriding in high)(*sub of thr sub demoman)

silver next season with a new team as operation ithwg failed

might even try steel maincalling XD
Idc as long as its not aids

Main skills are:
Taking out level 3 sentries
Pushing the cart
Over extending
PHAT autism bombs

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined eXtRAlaRgE condoms [Fun Team] samii
Left Mingemunchingitis [Fun Team] samii
Left Bad uterus [6on6] samii
Joined Mingemunchingitis [Fun Team] samii
Left UGC S23 SILVER [Fun Team] samii
Joined Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies [Highlander] TheMasterOfDisaster
Left Daddy Canlock eSports [Highlander] samii
Joined UGC S23 SILVER [Fun Team] samii
Joined Daddy Canlock eSports [Highlander] samii
Left MedsDropMoreThanBallz [Highlander] samii
Joined MedsDropMoreThanBallz [Highlander] Roper
Joined Bad uterus [6on6] samii
Left CandyKings [Highlander] samii
Joined CandyKings [Highlander] stexer
Left Amazon Delivery [Highlander] samii
Joined Amazon Delivery [Highlander] .strix
Left contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] samii
Left Krave [6on6] samii
Joined contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] Hampe
Left Dustbowl Bandits [Highlander] samii
Joined Krave [6on6] Wooba
Joined Dustbowl Bandits [Highlander] russellord
Left Dustbowl Bandits [Highlander] samii
Joined Dustbowl Bandits [Highlander] Garned

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  1. Vetleaks: Vaccinator said:

    got memes, got damage and funny af

  2. DarkDuckR: DADC4N said:

    100% virgin but great demo definitely silver

  3. Pimske: bu. - Assembly said:

    if you want more than 20% then try staying near the medic. oh wit no you’re too stupid for that 8^)

    a good demo. he has good raw dm but should listen more to his team mates. but that is something he can learn

  4. Fox C.: S-A said:

    If it memes you seek, this is the guy for you.

  5. Fox C.: S-A said:

    If it is* rather.

  6. Royal Flush: r-gag - Smuggs said:

    samii merc: Im not a virgin
    samii merc:

  7. Royal Flush: r-gag - Smuggs said:

    samii merc: Im not a virgin
    samii merc:

  8. Ma[d]: DADC4N said:


  9. tec said:

    samii merc: Write that ud smash me with ur dick

  10. paradox: pA - kiti said:

    samii merc: Plz i tell u im not virgin sum1 believe me

    virgin attac

  11. BlazeTF: Webo - FBRD said:

    samii merc: Blaze nibba
    samii merc: Everyone’s calling me a virgin
    samii merc: Say that I’m not

  12. Dave_the_Irate: W0LF - SENS said:

    Might be a virgin to UGC Silver, but he will slam.

  13. Celreo: S-A said:

    22:50 – I swear im not a virgin: Let them know im not a virgin
    22:50 – I swear im not a virgin:

  14. Matt: Assembly said:

    I can confirm this man is NOT a virgin, well, not anymore. You can have him now, I approve him.

  15. samii: FBRD said:


  16. NuTRiCuLa: Webo - S-A said:

    guys chill out , he is not virgin

  17. samii: FBRD said:

    ^ +1

  18. _David: Assembly said:

    very good demolition man main who is a certified PU$$Y $lãYeR

  19. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    has very sex ;)

  20. stexer: HZ said:

    Big virgin, but he has got memes

  21. samii: FBRD said:


  22. Canlock: DADC4N said:

    Just left the team he created and leading

  23. lagwka: Opens) said:

    Dominates enemy sentries

  24. samii: FBRD said:

    ^ true

  25. Couper: Kronos - .EvO said:

    spam reply

  26. .strix: what - VR said:

    i got 100% baited by this, a skill that a vergin can’t master

    solid dm good enough for silver

  27. AlesKee: VR said:

    this man will have less dpm than your engie, but he will push the cart better than your engie and scout combined. TOP PREM.

  28. samii: FBRD said:

    Bump x 3

  29. Chamona: n+5b - [MB] said:

    i rate him, can topscore in a pub now and then. Pick him up!

  30. Chamona: n+5b - [MB] said:


  31. samii: FBRD said:

    bump 69