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Russia lagwka

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S14 ETF2L and S23 UGC
Hi there, since I feel like I'm getting tired of playing engie, I want to play sniper class for your keen open (and possibly Silver) team. Seems like UGC and ETF2L rules allow me to play in lower division (under some conditions for UGC though), so I will appreciate the chance to go for the main spot. I can also mentor your retarded engineer to make him literally the best one. Add me to discuss stuff.

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Joined 2REASONS [Highlander] lagwka
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Joined kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
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  2. samii: FBRD said:

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  3. Nightmare: Vaccinator - Lucrosa said:


  4. griba said:

    ☑ prem experience
    ☑ big aim
    ☑ fat skill
    ☑ very beautiful sniper rifle
    ☑ +rep

  5. lagwka said:


  6. DONN1Y: pEn9c=3 said:

    BlessRNG JESUS 420 BlessRNG

  7. Jack Stanley: DT said:


  8. snegir` said:

    lagwka ebnulsa

  9. Divider of Worlds: MEMES - -cm- said:

    huge gamesense

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  11. samii: FBRD said:

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  12. Kantemirovets: kiti said:

    Делает классные шашлыки

  13. Canlock: DADC4N said:

    Sniper basically a wrangler engie with headshoot abiltiy so ez

  14. lagwka said: