Medic  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

Belgium Cabbage

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I failed kola but I will not fail you (except if I do)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Selective Attention [Highlander] Fox C.
Joined squat in the park [6on6] 30.06
Left Keep calm and Kola on [6on6] Cabbage
Joined Keep calm and Kola on [6on6] Freakie
Left Cabbage [6on6] Racso
Joined Cabbage [6on6] Racso
Left Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Joined Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left underdogs [6on6] Cabbage
Left ★ Alle Neune [Highlander] Spenny_one
Joined underdogs [6on6] Demos
Left Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Cabbage
Joined ★ Alle Neune [Highlander] Sennaj_Legend
Left Pistachios HL [Highlander] Tama
Joined Pistachios HL [Highlander] Tama
Left Kevin eSports sponsored by happy sailors [Highlander] Akuma
Joined Kevin eSports sponsored by happy sailors [Highlander] Akuma
Joined Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Diplomatt
Left underdogs [6on6] Cabbage
Left rage n' quickscopes [Highlander] Akuma
Joined rage n' quickscopes [Highlander] Akuma
Left Coke Boys [Highlander] Cabbage
Joined Coke Boys [Highlander] Sorin
Left O L D B O Y S [Highlander] Cabbage
Joined The Vitas Touch [Fun Team] Cabbage
Joined O L D B O Y S [Highlander] Temrane
Left TwisteD eSports [Highlander] Cabbage
Joined underdogs [6on6] Demos
Left repoRners [6on6] Cabbage
Joined repoRners [6on6] Nr
Left supacoolygamers [6on6] Cabbage
Joined supacoolyduo [2on2] supamazii
Left supacoolyduo [2on2] Cabbage
Joined supacoolyduo [2on2] Cabbage
Joined TwisteD eSports [Highlander] Vinegar Strokes
Left Lads On Tour [Fun Team] Cabbage
Joined Lads On Tour [Fun Team] Ducky
Joined supacoolygamers [6on6] supamazii
Left Busy Block [6on6] Cabbage
Joined Busy Block [6on6] ZERK
Left Otaku Yohei [Highlander] Cabbage
Joined Otaku Yohei [Highlander] Cabbage
Left Nine Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Highlander] Cabbage
Joined Nine Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Highlander] Cabbage

Previous Recruitment Posts

View Skill Classes Views Added
View High/Mid 1 170
View Mid/Open 4 210
View Open 1 201
View High 4 241
View Mid/High 9 476
View High 10 565
View Open/Mid 4 332
View Open/Mid 9 656
View Open/Mid 2 334
View Open/Mid 5 396
View Open/Mid 0 190
View Open/Mid 1 211
View Open/Mid 0 173
View Div 4/Div 5 4 348

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