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Italy dodef

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Serious rec post

Looking for a good team for s28 (low playoffs or low mid)
I have decent dm and i've been improving a lot lately
Kinda toxic but trying to get more disciplined

I prefer a team that trains a lot and is looking to improve in the long run

Can play almost every day from 20:30 to 24 cest

Add me for infos or trials

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Pisani [Fun Team] mkay
Left Tables United [6on6] MR.Awesome
Joined Tables United [6on6] MR.Awesome
Left Spectrum [6on6] dodef
Joined No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Nati0nal
Joined Legacy [1on1] dodef
Joined Spectrum [6on6] dodef
Left TheRapists [6on6] dodef
Joined TheRapists [6on6] Snow
Left NEW. FRAGS. [6on6] rocky1
Left Kyron eSports [Highlander] otoking
Joined Kyron eSports [Highlander] otoking
Joined NEW. FRAGS. [6on6] rocky1
Left Serve un forzino? [Fun Team] otoking
Left Rewind [6on6] dodef
Joined Rewind [6on6] mkay
Left Picck'n'Mix [6on6] dodef
Joined Serve un forzino? [Fun Team] otoking
Joined Picck'n'Mix [6on6] wackydog123
Left Kendrick Lamar Squad [6on6] dodef
Joined Kendrick Lamar Squad [6on6] drft_
Left Memes Thiefs [Fun Team] dodef
Left Low Open Lawyers [6on6] dodef
Joined Memes Thiefs [Fun Team] papa
Joined Low Open Lawyers [6on6] Ike
Left Hyperlight eSports [LAN Team] dodef
Left Hyperlight eSports (6V6) [6on6] dodef
Joined Hyperlight eSports (6V6) [6on6] dodef
Left [A]NIMATION [6on6] dodef
Joined Hyperlight eSports [LAN Team] dodef
Joined [A]NIMATION [6on6] Soul0
Left SanMarino National 6v6 [National 6v6 Team] dodef
Left faggots [LAN Team] dodef
Joined SanMarino National 6v6 [National 6v6 Team] dodef
Joined faggots [LAN Team] dodef

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  1. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

  2. mkay: KYRON said:

    Very nice dm as scout , more like all aim but no brain(?)

  3. dodef: honk. said:

    Still looking

  4. dodef: honk. said:


  5. alba: BE. said:

  6. dodef: honk. said:

    Bump x3

  7. Divider of Worlds: MEMES - -cm- said:

    veeeeery strong at aiming n stuff, stable good dpm and lots of picks

  8. dodef: honk. said:

    Bump x4

  9. otoking: Rskld - KYRON said:


  10. Godz Ares: 1117 said:

    Great scout, can carry a low/mid team, pick him up ;)

  11. aloha: LMG - Fusion said:

    Litteraly stupid. Single handedly carryed his team down in scrims.
    Also his often offclassing cost his team mobility in team fights.

  12. dodef: honk. said:

    a late night mix is not a scrim

  13. aloha: LMG - Fusion said:

    im tallking about your povs not the mix

  14. Mike Rotch: HH said:

    i can confirm that aloha is hotter, smarter, more educated and can steal cheese way better :)))))))

  15. Mike Rotch: HH said:

    02:09 – Mike Rotch: is dodef retarded?
    08:38 – strx: yep
    08:38 – strx: yep he is

  16. dodef: honk. said:


  17. .strix: what - VR said:

  18. dodef: honk. said:

    Se dobbiamo parlare di rec post meme allora bisogna anche citare la tua di high :^)

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