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Russia Alon3inh3ll

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Hatters gonna die

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  1. narkkari: smh - VR said:

    will carry any team

  2. (lupin: SWAG!!!!! - 00X said:

    lil trash: mad open :c mfw

  3. maksimov said:

    lost everything in high ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:


  5. csiga: mad decent - VR said:

    will make any team lose ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Nikolomara: greek meat - HZ said:

    good but toxic

  7. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said:

    Need more coms

  8. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    not very good. please dont give him a high team

  9. seeds: unknown - MAN said:

    wtf charlie you said he was a brilliant pickup that you would recommend

  10. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    that was my nan

  11. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said:

    need more braindead comms

  12. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said:

    where are u braindeads? :(

  13. seeds: unknown - MAN said:

    why are u like this

  14. croix said:

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ spire god
    aloneinhell >>> wreaz
    морфин хороший игрок

  15. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said:


  16. DONN1Y: pEn9c=3 said:

    solid open

  17. Alon3inh3ll: kamaboys - pEn9c=3 said: