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Sweden Klassy

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Unsure how my team will look next season so I'm trying to put my name out there for the next season and see if people would be interested in playing with me.

I have played the pocket role for basically every season but am leaning towards wanting to play on the flank more, or atleast pocket on an aggressive team. The reason I'm sort of drifting away from my current team is mainly playstyle-differences.

I'm a very dedicated player and want to put my all in the game. I try and ask for feedback constantly and can take criticism really well. I pug/mix alot and try DMing when I can. Usually it takes me a few games to get comfortable on a team. I have good DM and decision-making and I am looking for a team that regularly practices with a fully committed roster.

I'm available monday-thursdays 20:00-00:00 CET and fridays-sundays 21:00-00:00

EDIT: Forgot to put that I'm still commiting to mid playoffs and will be out of country from the 15th to the 23rd so can't really trial much before then

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Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Klassy
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Left bedbugs [6on6] Klassy
Joined bedbugs [6on6] Klassy
Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Klassy
Left big dick squad [Fun Team] Klassy
Joined big dick squad [Fun Team] wgl
Left Garbage Bears on the Block [Highlander] Klassy
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Left DigyBeef [Fun Team] Klassy
Left Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] Klassy
Joined rudeboys on the block [6on6] Acecle
Left Threatening Beliebers! [6on6] Klassy
Joined Threatening Beliebers! [6on6] SmAsH
Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Klassy
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Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Klassy
Joined DigyBeef [Fun Team] DigyB
Joined rudeboys on the block [6on6] Rox
Left XEROX printers [6on6] Klassy
Joined Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] Rox
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  1. Copper: RB - Highlander said:

    Really good scout and nice dude. Can do really good impersonations and is pretty chill and is the last thing from toxic. I think he will do really well in a good team with coordination.

  2. DigyB: .Qc` - HZ said:

    the anime friend team to make prem dream is dead ;_;

  3. DigyB: .Qc` - HZ said:

    But seriously this kid is already nutty and improves like crazy. Really nice guy to have in mumble as well and can easily manage high

  4. Klassy said:


  5. mattu: nunya said:

    if he’s motivated he will impress

  6. Cougar: is dtf - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    big fragger

  7. Racso said:

    amazing gamer super worthy pickup

  8. Klassy said:


  9. Frysk: BNB said:

    klASSy is a really smart player, has incredible dm on scout and is a very nice boy (✿◕‿◕). easily a high scout.

  10. Copper: RB - Highlander said:

    very bad scout plus his team isn’t dead don’t trial him

  11. Klassy said:


  12. Klassy said:


  13. ΣαM: .ƒlow said:

    Sick scout, worth the pickup.