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Action Team By Date
Joined Czech Memelander powered by [Highlander] kapustak
Left Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] lukas
Joined nunya [6on6] Connor
Left nooties [6on6] lukas
Joined nooties [6on6] lukas
Left Unexpected [6on6] lukas
Joined Watch2Gether [Fun Team] Herbie
Joined Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! [Highlander] dqz
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Joined Unexpected [6on6] credu
Left Deox fan club [6on6] lukas
Left opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] lukas
Joined Czech Republic [National Highlander Team] degu
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] Morrow
Left someTalent [Fun Team] Aoshi
Joined someTalent [Fun Team] binkkye
Left ==---== [6on6] lukas
Joined opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] mezzo
Left Gravelpit Graveyard [Highlander] lukas
Joined ==---== [6on6] op
Left Lambda eSports [6on6] lukas
Joined Lambda eSports [6on6] Shpeeisme
Left Lemmings [6on6] Cold Heart
Joined Gravelpit Graveyard [Highlander] BAITO
Left inVision [Highlander] lukas
Joined Itacze sponsored by [2on2] adamracek
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left #Pub Masters [Highlander] Marty
Joined Lemmings [6on6] Cold Heart
Left exitus fun [Fun Team] lukas
Left exitus [6on6] lukas
Joined #Pub Masters [Highlander] Marty
Joined exitus fun [Fun Team] lukas
Joined lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics [1on1] lukas
Left Czech Republic [National 6v6 Team] degu
Joined exitus [6on6] DeatH_D
Joined Czech Republic [National 6v6 Team] adamracek
Left KrkClan [Fun Team] lukas
Left mgelukas [1on1] lukas
Left Yoloboys [2on2] lukas
Left Team Infamous [6on6] lukas
Left Czech Republic [National 6v6 Team] MILKy
Joined Czech Republic [National 6v6 Team] BigDaddyNation!
Left UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined Team Infamous [6on6] takyon
Left ==---== [6on6] op
Joined ==---== [6on6] op
Left Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] lukas
Joined Yeezus Fanclub [6on6] pajer0
Left ==---== [6on6] lukas
Joined ==---== [6on6] op
Left Invictus [6on6] lukas
Joined Invictus [6on6] Maros
Left exitus [6on6] lukas
Joined KrkClan [Fun Team] degu
Left A TIGER TOTT [Fun Team] lukas
Joined exitus [6on6] Doctor I guess
Left exitus [6on6] lukas
Joined exitus [6on6] Doctor I guess
Left exitus [6on6] lukas
Joined Yoloboys [2on2] lukas
Left hokejisti lukáš tatran a aloha sparťan [2on2] lukas
Left degulandery na sezonu [Highlander] lukas
Joined exitus [6on6] Netsky
Left exitus [6on6] lukas
Joined exitus [6on6] Texiq
Left Snaxers [6on6] lukas
Joined Snaxers [6on6] adamracek
Left svačinkáři [6on6] lukas
Joined svačinkáři [6on6] lukas
Left powerrangerz are dead m8 [6on6] lukas
Joined A TIGER TOTT [Fun Team] Texiq
Joined degulandery na sezonu [Highlander] jyrkas
Left I'm trying, mom! [Highlander] lukas
Joined I'm trying, mom! [Highlander] ANONYMUS CZ
Left CS team [Highlander] adamracek
Joined mgelukas [1on1] lukas
Joined hokejisti lukáš tatran a aloha sparťan [2on2] lukas
Joined powerrangerz are dead m8 [6on6] lukas
Left Report' [6on6] lukas
Joined CS team [Highlander] adamracek
Left CS team [Highlander] Texiq
Left Little Tangas [2on2] lukas
Joined CS team [Highlander] Texiq
Left Uganda E-SPORTS [National 6v6 Team] lukas
Left no homo [Highlander] lukas
Left [app] id [Fun Team] lukas
Joined Uganda E-SPORTS [National 6v6 Team] lukas
Joined Little Tangas [2on2] lukas
Joined Report' [6on6] krazo
Left [6on6] lukas
Joined [6on6] Adwarmer
Left [6on6] lukas
Joined [6on6] Adwarmer
Left Report' [6on6] lukas
Joined [app] id [Fun Team] stepanex
Left KrkClan [Fun Team] lukas
Joined Report' [6on6] tullius
Joined KrkClan [Fun Team] degu
Left Sons of Destiny [6on6] lukas
Joined Sons of Destiny [6on6] MILKy
Left Rage Of Gamers [6on6] lukas
Joined no homo [Highlander] Deothor CZ
Joined Rage Of Gamers [6on6] lukas

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  1. catbowcar: ...SAD said:

    1 out of the 6 players that beat seven this season BIG

  2. Lanzer: NYS said:


  3. daul: Nebula said:

    he ragequit on pugchamp always

  4. daul: Nebula said:

    good dm

  5. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - JMT said:

    daul did u get blackmailed on your second comment ahahha

    on topic: good player =)

  6. Herbie: Meme - said:

    good dm and brain giv him a good home

  7. junnu said:

    u want to win ? no problem for lukas……….

  8. aloha: adk said:

    best player LAN

  9. Ombrack: Ascent - gandhi is said:

    Unexpected probably would have won the two maps with Samski instead of Lukas tbh

  10. lukas: nunya - said:

    @Ombrack true true :D

  11. MILKy: REMOVE said:

    sounds like an absolute child in mumble but hes actually a big boy irl

  12. AirForever: .SS. - said:

    +rep good trader

  13. Perlex: T - dab said:


  14. lukas: nunya - said:


  15. credu: Ascent - SDCK said:


  16. Sockx: .SS. - said:

    get this lil cute boy

  17. Rockz7ar: NYS said:

    looks 15 :steamhappy:

  18. lukas: nunya - said:


  19. lukas: nunya - said:


  20. Hempus: eskimo said:

    really really good

  21. aloha: adk said:

  22. lukas: nunya - said: