ScoutSoldier  Mid Skill, 6on6

Denmark am

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Roamer/scout(both, pref pocket)

s28 mid

add me for trial

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Left DPRK [Fun Team] am
Joined CRAZYJUNIORS Clan [Highlander] slambergcaiz
Left The Mythic [Highlander] slambergcaiz
Joined Flowllout [6on6] Hellblazer
Left Legende [6on6] am
Joined Legende [6on6] Jan
Left Dirty ol' Pharaohs of Egypt [6on6] am
Joined Dirty ol' Pharaohs of Egypt [6on6] am
Left Lassie Co [6on6] am
Joined The Mythic [Highlander] slambergcaiz
Joined Lassie Co [6on6] September
Left Descent [Highlander] am
Joined DPRK [Fun Team] April
Left United friends online [Fun Team] am
Left Nakedgaming [6on6] pixel
Joined Descent [Highlander] BlazeTF
Joined Nakedgaming [6on6] 5baz
Joined Salty Brit ft. Other Gamer [2on2] MrBliss
Left Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] am
Left JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined United friends online [Fun Team] shampain
Joined JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Left Descent [Highlander] am
Joined Fugtigt darligt lugtende frugt, Esports! [6on6] am
Left Shield 2.0 [6on6] am
Joined Shield 2.0 [6on6] am
Left Duderinos [6on6] am
Joined Descent [Highlander] BlazeTF
Joined Duderinos [6on6] voxtec
Left Leska! [6on6] am
Joined Leska! [6on6] MoreBuckets!
Left F4G.United [6on6] am
Joined F4G.United [6on6] husky
Left Gun and Fames [6on6] am
Joined Gun and Fames [6on6] Probably Alligator

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  1. slambergcaiz: C00L - JUNIORBWAI said:

  2. Divine: NRLY said:


    Big gaming man, good for mid no doubt

  3. Cydia said:

    Pretty toxic guy tbh, Isn’t willing to listen to suggestions and can’t take criticism very well. Can’t adapt in situation where it’s needed and will tell you you’re bad if you disagree with him.

    I played with him once and he told the team to push 1 on process with equal and he did it consistently even though it didn’t work. I suggested right side to him and he said ” don’t over call me ” Wouldn’t pick him up tbh

  4. collincrack1: smokinpeni - badrats said:

    Awesome scout and solly, brain is big, dm is also.

  5. jumbo juice: smokinpeni - badrats said:

    Good player, has good calls and dm

  6. am: .ƒlow - JUNIORBWAI said:


    Cydia said: “pretty toxic guy tbh”

  7. shampain: mi6 - throwyo said:

    am the legend

  8. Adje: Vaccinator - CRAZYBWAII said:

  9. Polarium: Vaccinator - S-A said:

    “when youre so open that when your meme tactics dont work,you take the game seriously”

    said this as we had a heavy,demoknight,spy and a pyro LUL

  10. eldocwho: baguetteXD said:

    Pick this guy up

  11. fischa said:

    could you try to main a class longer than one season ? x) cheers

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