Demoman  Prem/High Skill, 6on6

UnitedKingdom Yohn

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hit me up :]

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined casa del planck [LAN Team] planck
Joined Mr Bean eSports [6on6] Yohn
Left Bum the snake hiissssssssssssss!! [6on6] Yohn
Joined Bum the snake hiissssssssssssss!! [6on6] Celreo
Left Children of Arkham [6on6] Yohn
Joined Children of Arkham [6on6] Yohn
Left Garbage But Keen [6on6] Yohn
Left Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] Yohn
Joined Garbage But Keen [6on6] Yohn
Left BadgeHunters [6on6] Yohn
Left Fresh Salad [Fun Team] Yohn
Joined Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] planck
Joined Fresh Salad [Fun Team] Racso
Joined BadgeHunters [6on6] Jabby
Left Badge Hunters [6on6] Yohn
Joined Badge Hunters [6on6] Yohn
Left Falafel pie [6on6] Yohn
Joined Falafel pie [6on6] Yohn
Left French Toast Mafia [6on6] spolioz
Joined French Toast Mafia [6on6] Yohn
Left Fusing eSports [6on6] ___
Joined Fusing eSports [6on6] Yohn
Left Ministry of BS [6on6] BusinessOrc
Joined Ministry of BS [6on6] Yohn
Left Team Desolus [6on6] Yohn
Joined Team Desolus [6on6] Yohn
Left Top Jeremy [6on6] Shape
Joined Top Jeremy [6on6] Yohn
Left LifeTimeClan [6on6] Yohn
Joined LifeTimeClan [6on6] Yohn

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View High 7 330
View High/Mid 59 1324
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  1. Tercio: - inv said:
    looks like i killed 2 teams today

  2. caeli: #T4F said:

    literally destroyed in his 1st season in high
    super nice guy and deserves the best

  3. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - reverse - inv said:

    yohn more like nut

  4. ult1mate: said:


  5. seeds: unknown - 100% said:

    NON meme yohn is best player please pick up actually nuts at demo and his mechanics + calls r nutty

  6. Cougar: ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    great fragger!

  7. alba: Lucrosa said:

    Sick gamer

  8. Lanzer: mkcat - XDCK said:

    good potential and sweetheart who forgets scrims sometimes ;)

  9. Yohn: MB said:

    lanzer :3

  10. LavandulaWine: 6>9 said:

    B E A U T I F U L Frag videos, this guy is gonna be a big one in prem.

  11. croix said:

    he’s good!

  12. Racso: BNB - GBB said:

    guys please i knew yohn was a god before any of ya’ll

  13. Celreo: 00x said:

    the best!

  14. earl: said:

    yomyom is a absolute ledge and slams the enemy players like never seen before

  15. duckers: Kronos - BEEF said:

    hey yohn golf is NOT a fun game

  16. Perlex: reverse - VR said:

    sick dm

  17. ducky: MANNDEM. - badrats said:

    GAMER, pick up

  18. YeeHaw: pyG - POCKET said:

    Don’t let him nap or he may never wake up (in time for scrims)

  19. Mould: C00L - TC said:

    idk what happened I played pugs with him months and months back and he was fuckin noob kidder

    now hes suddenly really big guy

  20. seeds: unknown - 100% said:

    its the mould influence

  21. aloha: LMG said:

    started cheating

  22. Racso: BNB - GBB said:

    for the love of god get this man a super team

  23. Liko: GbK - Dr. med. said:

    His name is Yohn, Jame’s Yohn!!!!!!!

  24. NeuTronas: MB said:

    He’s actually so good at dealing lots of damage and not taking much back that I’m jealous

  25. So||o Wo|o said:

    what a gamer this YYYYOHN guy

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