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Netherlands Pimskii

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i would like to play a season of scout in open. hit me up if you are looking for a scout and maybe want to trial me

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  1. ryan: Lucrosa said:

    rate this guy, plays enough and deffo has potential to improve

  2. shinso said:

    probably one of the upcoming best heavies in EU
    very keen on developing and is a nice lad too
    pick him up before someone else does

  3. sun: NYS said:

    Very good heavy, Great person should probably atleast give him a chance :)

  4. BlazeTF: pootis XD said:

    Very nice guy and great player. Would be a good pickup for mid but I think high would be a step too far, but who knows give him a try.

  5. Dr Happiness: (League Admin) said:

    Has potential to be a fantastic Heavy
    Has a great drive to improve and is really nice to play with
    Definitely worth picking up

  6. redlix: .ginyuR said:

    This guy is a pure heavy main.
    If you want to get a decent and a stable player on your team, then there is Pimskii.
    Has a good game sense and calls often without useless and pointless words.
    Most of the time he is quiet and chilled, has and sexy manly voice and a good lad.

    I suggest him to TOP MID / LOW HIGH

  7. AustinN: ζ said:

    Would Bang, top bants just pick him up now ffs like waste of time trialing anyone else just add him to your roster now

  8. Divider of Worlds: Rockstars - ReS said:

    he is mine

  9. stexer: lit - HZ said:

    Really good!! Nice guy and a sexy manly voice like Redlix said (:

  10. Adda: #EoG - gaeta said:

    Give this guy a spot in mid or high please. He deserves one >.<

  11. Manus9696: bu. - gaeta said:

    Well organized person with good gamesense. Moreover a nice guy to talk :)

  12. Sprasty: OwC - ζ said:

    A really kind guy, And a really good heavy, i Think he’s answering another good heavy that Just needs a good team, Pick him up, if you are not sure, trial him!

  13. AlesKee: frogs - dab said:

    gib 47% heals for ez wins

  14. Vetleaks: Vaccinator - ζ said:

    Very nice guy with a manly voice, good comms, tracking and gamesens could propobly improve good with the right team

  15. MoreBuckets!: MAMA!!! said:

    Nice guy, Nice voice, The perfect for your heavy needs

    Well what i think He deserves a place in mid but i think high is too much for him he needs more expirience and mid is the best place for him

    give him a good home so he can develop :)

  16. NuTRiCuLa: OwC - ζ said:

    awesome guy and good player ^__^

  17. Lilith (storm demon): WEED - █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    Gay tbh listens to dutch rap

  18. stexer: lit - HZ said:

    Fred bumb

  19. Zamparonie: officer - Leila+8 said:

    you shoud start standing to 1 team for a season :o

  20. Dominant: HZ said:

    Doesnt like mercs at all. Will decline all of them :S