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Finland Marv

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id main either class, preferably sniper cuz lolhl

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  1. Koling said:


  2. Ace: smh - VR said:


  3. Manky: .isbad said:

    can frag many men

  4. thaZu: pizza said:

    prkl scout, he’s good

  5. Pred: REMOVE - gandhi is said:

    would be good if hitreg wasnt broken :/

  6. slambergcaiz: C00L - JUNIORBWAI said:

    Gives him relationship advice cuz he is in love so that’s kinda lol and after every pug he plays good in he sends me the logs so he’s confident in what he’s doing really good friend aswell even tho he’s drunk messages is weird and cringe

    Would be good for high

  7. Cougar: ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    fun and he frags

  8. Marv: REMOVE - .awkward said: asd

  9. Marv: REMOVE - .awkward said:


  10. Nightmare: Vaccinator - Lucrosa said:

    reks people in dark souls